KM-5802C emergency light
9 long life SMD LED lamps, super brightness and white;

 KM-5802C emergency light


Product characteristics:

1, Lead-acid battery rechargeable and free maintenance with 900mAH capacity high,  can be used circularly 500 times above;

2. 9 long life SMD LED lamps, super brightness and white;

3. long distance for remote control ,easy to use;

4. push the switch to “ON” condition, the LED lights, it has remote control function; push the switch to “OFF” condition, the LED is off , it has no remote control function;

5. With protection circuit built-in, it has emergency function.


Product use instruction:

  1. when charging, put the product to lamp holder, connect the AC110~240V/50~60Hz power, whether the switch in “ON” or “OFF” condition, the red indicator lights, when the LED is off, it begins to charge, it takes 6 hours for full charge;
  2. when using , push the switch to “ON” condition, the LED lights, and it’s in a remote state; During it’s working, if suddenly lost power, the high capacity battery built-in will supply the power, so that it can’t effect using this product;
  3. When there isn’t electric power, the inner battery can supply power for 5 hours.



1. In the emergency state, for service life of the battery, please stop using and charge it promptly when the ray of the light is becoming dim obviously;

2.Please don't shine eyes directly, so as not to damage the eyesight. (Children must use under the adult's guide);

3. The longest duration of charging cannot surpass 20 hours;

4. If it is not being used for a long time,Please charge the product every two months.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 5000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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