KM-8610 LED torch light
suitable for promotion,
ultra capacity, high luminance, multi-function and modeling elegant appearance

KM-8610 is a kind of flashlight which has ultra capacity, high luminance, multi-function and modeling elegant appearance. The health & bright will belong you after choosing this products. In the meantime, it helps your work and life more convenient and satisfied as well as your journey.


Product characteristics:

  1. High rated capacity, 500mAH above;
  2. Long battery life, can be used circularly 250 times above;
  3. Low power consumption, can work at least 12 hours;
  4. With spotlight reflector lamps, range can reach 150 meters.


Operating Instructions:

  1. Please push out the charge plugs completely when charging, then insert them directly into the AC110~240V/50~60HZ power source socket, the indicator bright, it takes about 10 hours for the full charge;
  2. Push the switch down, the flashlight works, push it up the light goes out.



  1. Please promptly charge the flashlight when the source is used up. Otherwise the usage life will be shorten;
  2. Please do not use it when charging in order to avoid burning out the internal components of the power source;
  3. The light of LED lamps is ultra strong, do not shine eyes directly; (child should be guide under adults)
  4. The longest duration of charging cannot surpass 20 hours;
  5. Please charge it every two months when it is not need to use.


Quality Guarantee:

The products of our company follow the QB/KMS-03-2003 of the enterprise standards. We guarantee that the warranty period is 3 months from the purchase date. (Non-correct using results in damages or burning out which is not included in the range of maintenance)


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 5000 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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