This root is tightly wrapped around a rock and can be a centerpiece in your aquarium


product size:100*99*100mm

Product Weight:~100g

Box Size:420*385*235mm

Gross Weight:~5kg



This new series of  “Miniature Roots” Driftwood   pays close attention to detail.

A.Gives the impression of vines hanging off of a giant tree.

B. A place to hide and play for small fish. Essentially a  tree shaped bridge.

C.This hollowed out stump gives a sense of history to your aquarium space.

D.This root is tightly wrapped around a rock and can be a centerpiece in your aquarium

E.This item brings a sense of levity with its open, laughing mouth.

F.This broken branch will catch anyone's eye.

G.This tree, a giant in its day, has fallen to time.

H.This decayed tree is a great hiding place for fish


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 5 Carton/Cartons
Payment Terms:

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