Glassed Tile Adhesive powder\ Glue
enamel tile/general tile/ceramic tile and all kinds of slabstones /marble /natural dimension

Z5  Glassed Tile Adhesive  powder\ Glue 


1 This product is polymer modified cement glassed tile adhesive, and the performance is better than general cement mortar.

2 Sliding-resistance / dispense with soaking bricks/ thin construction layers /high stickiness/no hollowness/ environment friendly/water-fast well.


It can be used in sticking glassed tile /: enamel tile/general tile/ceramic tile and all kinds of slabstones /marble /natural dimension stone etc. on the concrete surface / plaster base surface / on brick wall in outdoor and indoor

Standard        JC/T547-2005 

Surface preparation

1.All the surface should be strong/ dry/ clean, no shake/ oil stain/ wax stain/ concrete curing agent and other loose things.

2.If the surface is covered with paint, it should be hacked and at least exposed 80%.

3.New concrete surface should be cured for 28 days at least. Then pave tile.

4.New plaster base should be cured for 7 days at least. Then pave tile.

5. You can use industrial detergent or degreasing dirt agent to clean the old concrete or plaster surface. Then use high pressure tap to clean up. It can be paved tile after airing 24h.

6. Clean the residue of concrete surface, especially the residual mold release of the slant concrete surface.

7. Before construction, the surface need to be wetted, if the surface is water absorption strong or in high temperature/dry environment.


  1. mixing proportion : 20kg Glassed Tile Adhesive powder\ Glue add 5L~5.5L water.
  2. (1) pour into water and then put into Glassed Tile Adhesive powder\ Glue

(2)use electric blender stir evenly.

(3) place 5-10min and stir it again that can be used.

 3.If stir dosage ≤5kg one time, it can be used manpower to stir.

How to use

1. Plaster mixed glassed tile mortar on the work surface with notched scraper, uniform distribution, and formation of the dentation. Plaster area is about 1m²/times (depend on weather temperature), then knead & press glassed tile on the work surface at the open time.

2.The size of notched scraper depends on smoothness of work surface and the degree of concave and convex on the back of brick.

3. If the fissure is too deep or large & heavy of stone brick. You should plaster mortar on both sides of work surface and the back of brick.

4. when sticking with stone without auxiliary nails on the vertical wall, the area of stone should ≥400mm×400mm,and thickness≥20mm .The thickness of stone is under18mm, the area could be enlarged. Need bond test at work site first,  if the area \ thickness or weight exceed the standard , you need to do sticking test without nails, in order to enjoy the project  quality.


  1. the temperature of construction is 5~40°C\ 41~104°F.
  2. use electric blender to stir, and stir it again after place that can improve adhesive power.
  3. The dosage of adding water can be adjusted according to the surface/ weather/construction condition etc.
  4. During the rainy day, you should protect the construction area doesn’t be wetted with rain within 24h.
  5. According with weather condition that the glassed tile of mixing well should be used up within 2~3h.
  6. Strictly prohibit mixing dry and hard glassed tile mortar to use it again.
  7. The caulking construction should be done after glassed tile mortar dry and is hardened completely.( about 24h)
  8. Glassed tile mortar should be plastered evenly and fully, and the thickness of adhering layer is half as high as the notched space of scraper.

Referent Dosage

1.6mm×6mm notched scraper is suggested, when sticking small size tile.

2.10mm×10mm or 12mm×12mm notched scraper is suggested, when sticking big size tile.

3. Referent dosage of using different notched scraper:  

 the teeth depth of scraper

the dosage of glassed tile mortar

water  dosage










Package & Storage

20±0.5 kg /bag ,12 months from manufacture date stored in dry \ cool place \ waterproof \ moisture proof with original package un-opened.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Long Ton/Long Tons
Port: Tianjin
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

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