Crue Oil Demulsifier

Demulsifier, Emulsion Breaker, Dehydration Agent

Emulsions are formed due to turbulence in the production. Fracturing and acidizing process also cause heavy emulsion problems. Crude oil is almost always produced as a water-in-oil emulsion. Naturally occurring emulsifiers prevent droplets of the dispersed phase (usually water in an oilfield emulsion) from coalescing into a continuous phase. Some emulsions will break on standing, while others are quite stable and will remain as an emulsion indefinitely.  

DESHI CHEM provides a wide range of demulsifer formulations for tough oilfield emulsion problems. We have developed more than 80 kinds of demulsifers to meet the requirements of different situations.


There are two major categories of demulsifiers, oil soluble and water soluble. Oil soluble product is a perfect blending of polymer compounds polyamines, propylene glycol, octadecadienoic alcohol, and propylene oxide, ethylene oxide in aromatic solvent. It is intended to effectively separate formation water from emulsion in crude oil. Water soluble product uses water as the solvent and it is intended to effectively separate oil from treated water.

The produced fluid in oilfields is very complex in nature. A demulsifier that worked well in one location might not be effective in another. DESHI CHEM engineers can quickly locate the root of emulsions in the most complicated situations and formulate the most effective products for emulsion breaking purpose.


Packaging: 200KG per Drum or customer requirement.

MSDS: Available upon request





Liquid with no impurities

Flash point


Dehydration rate

Light Crude


Medium Crude


Heavy Crude


Polymer Bearing Crude


Water phase cleanliness

Natural crude emulsion

Not less than level 1

Artificial crude emulsion

Not less than level 2


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Ton/Tons
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T

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