X-RAY Fluorescent Analyzer
2.Operation:WINDOWS XP operating system software,powerful and easy to use.

     DZX - 600 X fluorescence analyzer


About product

    X-ray fluorescence analyzer is a newly developed analyzer of our company, applicable to the cement, mining, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper zinc alloy, lead alloy, refractory, ferrosilicon and glass industries, etc

Instrument characteristics
  ♦   Analysis and measure various elements (Allocation any elements from Na to U according to the customer request) at the same time;
  ♦   Can detect the solid, liquid, powder, without complex sample preparation process;
  ♦   Adopt imported SI - PIN detector, with fast analysis speed;
  ♦   High precision, good stability, low failure rate;
  ♦   Adopt multi-level shielding protection, safety and reliable radiation;
  ♦   With rich WINDOWS XP/VISTA Chinese application software function, unique advanced analysis method, various charts and tendency chart provided the operator with intuitive support, which is simple to operate, easy to use, and the results can be directly output to Excel, convenient for statistically analyzed.

Main technical indicates


 1.    Multi-function Sample preparation device
X fluorescence analyzer Sample preparation device can hold various shape
    Test samples.


A. sample types: solid, liquid, powder.
B. Environment in sample room: air or vacuum. It is automatically controlled by the software, without manual operation.




2.    X CRT motivational systems
The 50KV system uses low power is high-pressure X-ray generator as excitation source. It is composed by high voltage generator, X-ray generator and control and display system.
A. high voltage generator: voltage and current is automatically controlled and displayed by the software.
Voltage range: 0V to 50kV continuous adjustable.
Current range: 0mA to 1mA continuous adjustable.
B. X-ray generator: adopting X-ray tube with low power, natural cooling and high life-span, and choosing target materials according to the actual application.

3.   Imported high resolution SI - PIN detector system   SI - PIN electric refrigerating high-resolution high count-rate detectors.

4.   System software
A. operation: WINDOWS XP operating system software, powerful and easy to use.
B. function: spectrum shows, analysis element Settings, energy scale, X-ray high-voltage, current automatic control, automatic vacuum control.
C. analysis methods: linear fitting, quadratic curves, intensity correction, content, basic parameters calibration method.
D. instrument drift automatic revision: ensure the analysis results of the instrument long-term stable 



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