zander filter element replacement
for compressed air filter
5075,5060,3075,3050 etc
low price,good quality

 replace zander compressed air filter elements
   Type: 1030V  1050V  1070V  1140V  2010V  2020V  2030V  2050V  3050V  3075V
        1030Z  1050Z  1070Z  1140Z  2010Z  2020Z  2030Z  2050Z  3050Z  3075Z
        1030Y  1050Y  1070Y  1140Y  2010Y  2020Y  2030Y  2050Y  3050Y  3075Y
        1030X  1050X  1070X  1140X  2010X  2020X  2030X  2050X  3050X  3075X
        1030A  1050A 1070A  1140A  2010A  2020A  2030A  2050A  3050A  3075A
   filtration rating(μm): V grade:3;Z grade:1;Y grade:0.1,X grade:0.01;A grade:0.01
          oil content(ppm): V grade:5;Z grade:0.5;Y grade:0.1,X grade:0.01;A grade:0.003
    Alternate in line filter elements manufactured to fit the housings of ZANDER.  our elements are of a superior quality with additional features:
    1.Most of the inner and outer cylinders are made of perforated stainelss steel where other manufacturers often use stretched cabon steel (with higher passive surface) galvernised or chrome plated.
    2.The external sleeve is made of synthetic felt making it resistant up to 120 °C,while competitors normally only guarantee up to 70-80 °C.
  Air flows from the inside to the outside of the element through progressively larger openings in the media. As contamination moves through the element, solid particles are trapped and liquids are formed into large droplets. As the air exits the element, surface tension holds the liquids and allows them to drain to the bottom.
  With Microfiltration elements like the one on the left installed in your system, the contamination on the right won’t get to where it can cause damage. Your system lasts longer and costs less.


FOB Price: FOB USD 20~200 / Piece
Minimum Order: 10 Piece/Pieces
Port: tianjin
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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