CRI200 Common Rail Test Bench
1.Rail Pipe/High Pressure Pump:BOSCH/BOSCH CP3.3
2.Motor Power 5.5KW
3.Windows system

CRI-200 high-pressure common rail injector test bench


CRI-200 high pressure common rail diesel injector test bench, built-in more than 400 dates of BOSCH common rail diesel injector. the CRI-200 allows quantity measurement with test specifications,the measurement of idle,reverse and Full-load quantities for CRI and CRIN.Warranty evaluations during nozzle testing can be produced with combined air tightness tests,power seat tightness test and measurement of the nozzle opening pressure.


  1. Variable frequency drive pump serves the common rail CP3 and the maximum pressure is 200Mpa.
  2. Automatic closed-loop control rail press accuracy displayed is ±0.1MPa.
  3. Built-in standard database of common rail injector,Free upgrades,users can also be free to add data.
  4. Checking BOSCH\DENSO\DEPHI\SIEMNES and other common rail injectors.
  5. Setting the parameters of injection curve,pull up current,dynamic current fixed time,keep and maintain time and so on.
  6. Industrial computer motherboard,windowsXP operating system.
  7. Easy use by touch screen.
  8. Delivery-quantity-based injector tests by the graduated.
  9. Test data can be stored and print(optional).

10.  Checking of common rail injector open pressure and atomization quality.

11.  Function of high-pressure cleaning of the injector.

12.  Function of the supersonic wave cleaning.

13.  Testing of      Start-up oil quantity.

14.  Testing of the common rail injector sealing.

15.  Testing of the common rail injector full –load operation.

16.  Testing of the common rail injector idling conditions.

17.  Testing of the common rail injector pre-injection conditions.

18.  Testing of the common rail injector opening conditions.

Name and model


Configuiation Details














CRI-200High Pressure Common

Rail Injector Test Bench




Main engine system

1. Tianqi quadrupole electric motor (380V): 5.5KW.

2. The main frame is aviation aluminum structure and cast iron operating platform.

3. Its control type is automatically computer control and display by screen.

4. The accuracy of weighing oil digital readout (weighing transducer) is 0.1ml.




Oil circuit system

1.The high pressure pump is BOSCH, CP3.3, max 200Mpa.

2. Rail pipe is BOSCH.

3.The rail pipe is controlled by automatically closed cycle and pressure display (accuracy±0.1Mpa)withoverpressure protection.

4. Oil temperature (adjustable) is controlled automatically heated by heating pipe and radiated though radiator.

5. Its filtering type is secondary filter.


Electrical equipment

1. It has built-in electrical box and convert box.2. Short-circuit protection.


Overall dimension

Length: 900mm, Width: 1060mm,


Height: 1820mm



Net weigh: 450 kg.





FOB Price: FOB USD 4950~5500 / Set
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Port: Qingdao
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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