Suspension direct digital x-ray radiography system-flat panel

Suspension Direct Digital X-Ray Radiography System-Flat Panel



CPI (made in Canada) High Frequency High Voltage Generator;



Photography (MAS):10~500MAS;

Photography (KV):40~150KV.

X-Ray Tube

VARIAN Tube (made in U.S.A);                                                                      Generator

Focus:0. 6/1.2MM;

Photography (KV): 150KV;

Heat Capacity:≥300KHU.


VARIAN Flat Panel Image Detector (made in U.S.A)

Technical Specifications:

Receptor Type: amorphous silicon (adopts Charge Well Pixel™ technology);

Conversion Screen: Csl;

Image Size: 17 x 17 inch;

Pixel Matrix: 3,072(horizontal) x 3,072(vertical);                                                         

Limiting Resolution: ≥3.6LP/MM;

Energy Range: 40—150 KV;

Fill Factor: 100%;

Scan Method: progressive;

A/D conversion: 14 bits;

Image Output: 1000 M Ethernet.


Shock: high shock tolerance;

Temperature Range - Operating (at the back cover): 10°C~ 35°C (max.)

                  - Storage: −20°C~ + 70°C;

Humidity- Operating (non-condensing): 10~ 90%;

Storage (non-condensing): 10~ 90%.


Classified by Underwriters laboratories, Inc. to UL 60601-1, CSA22.2 NO.601.1-M90.

AEC Automatic Exposure System

AEC is a solid state ionization chamber, build of special developed, cost effective material,

intended to measure the dose of x-rays used in real time operation within the Medical Radiology,

Oncology and Chiropractors. 


• Invisibility;

• Little absorption;

• Highly efficient;

• Scatter free;

• Mechanically stable;

• Very reliable;

• User friendly.

Dell Image Capture & Processing Workstation

Dell work station:

AMD 2.0GHz, 1GB RAM, hard disk 160GB,

19 inch LED (1 set), 100M network interface, DICOM3.0 interface.

Automatic Exposure Image- Capture Software System

ZKML automatic exposure image-capture software really realizes the automatic operation of exposure capture image. Doctors only need to press hand brake down and then all the exposure terms are automatically finished, which greatly reduces doctors’ workload, improves work efficiency and assures of the consistency of image quality.

Main Functions:

Patient registration, image capture, cutting, negative image, image turning over, rotation, zooming, labeling, translating , display, image window width and window level adjustment, DICOM image sending, DICOM film printing, Worklist function and statistics inquiry.


Motor-driven suspension photography shelf.

Table Specifications

Length: 200cm (±3 CM);

Width: 65cm (±3 CM);

Height: 70cm (±3 CM).

Image Capture and Processing Software

1) Manual /automatic window width / window level, preset window width / window level, positive and negative image turning, image turning, image rotation, image amplification and roaming, labeling and measuring, splitting, automatic electron cutting, part amplification, recovering original image.

2) Image Processing Technique:

Dynamic scope optimization technique:

Compressing dynamic carve of original images automatically to reach habitual image features of doctors for diagnosis conveniently;

High frequency image enhancement technique:

Enhancing image contrast, improve detail resolution, obviously improve high frequency image quality of bone trabecula etc. The display of details appears more perfectly;

Noise suppression technique automatically:

   Filtering mixed frequency signals, obviously reduce image noise, improve image contrast, therefore, improve image quality;

Edge enhancement technique:

Making image clearer.


Other Parts

JPI stationary grid, (made in Korea);

RS collimator (made in Korea);

High speed data transmission cable.

Image Printing Function

Manually selecting the target image for printing;

Different printing devices, film format and printing pages available;

DICOM 3.0 Print Management, Modality Worklist, Storage Class User.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Payment Terms: T/T

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