color: customer decide Usage: Extruding Place of Origin: Jilin, China (Mainland) Brand Name: MIRACLE Model Number: 0+3 Silane CV line Key Specifications 0+3 Silane CCV line&Wire Machinery            Main technical parameters 1.        Product section range :25~300mm2 2.        Cable voltage: 8.7kV/10kV and below one 3.        Extrude thickness:            A.       Φ65extruder 0.5~2mm            B.       Φ90 extruder 0.5~2mm            C.       Φ120 extruder 2~5.5mm 4.        material:            conductor: compressed Cu Al twisted wires            conductor screen material:silane crosslinking semiconductive inner screen material            insulation material: silane crosslinking material            insulation screen material:                           silane crosslinking semiconductive freestripple outer screen material 5.        Line speed:0~30m/min 6.        Extruder arrangement           Φ65-25D+Φ120-25D+Φ90-25D            Horizontal type,every extruder can separately extrude product 7.        K.E. consumption            Powerinstall capaticty 336kVA,380V,50Hz,3phase 4 wire`            water consumption 10m3/h ciuculating water in resevoir,water pressure 0.2~0.6Mpa


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