motor scraper
Pollutionless design with environmental consideration
Articulated frame for flexible operation

motor scraper

Main Features
1. The imported hydrostatic circuit and stepless speed regulation travel system, made up of 2-way variable displacement pump and variable displacement motor, features high drive efficiency, low energy consumption, and reliability.
2. Articulated frame, optimized working devices, full hydraulic steering, flexible operation and high work efficiency.
3. The brake system adopts the dual-brake system of parking brake and emergency brake, and eliminates the risk of poor brake caused by loss of pressure in the system, which features good brake effect and high safety.
4. Abandon the design of rear axle swing frame as other products of the same class and take the swing mode of rear frame connected with slewing bearing, featuring reliable operation and low trouble rate.
5. The pilot hydraulic control work system makes convenient and flexible operation and high work efficiency.
6. Separate hydraulic radiating devices and return oil pressure monitoring system contributes to easy maintenance and leave the user peace of mind.
7. The main bucket blade takes V structure which reduced the digging resistance.
8. SJ100 internal combustion underground scraper adopt original Deutz diesel engine of low pollution and wind cooling, featuring outstanding performance, large power, and low emission. The exhaust system is equipped with inlet purifier which greatly reduced air pollution and solved the problem of poor ventilation in the mining laneway.
9. SJD100 electric type underground scraper adopts pollutionless and environmental design and powered by electric motor, which solved the problem of poor ventilation in the mining laneway. The cable picking system adopt hydraulic control, which features smooth and stable picking and laying, and the pressure can be adjusted according to work condition, thus protect the cable better.


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