Product name: Oriental Raisin Tree Extract,Zhi Ju Zi Extract,Semen Hoveniae Extract, Hoveniae Dulcis Extract, Japanese Raisin Tree Seed Extract

Botanical source: Semen Hoveniae, Hoveniae Dulcis

Part Used: Seed, fruit


Appearance: Yellow brown

Test Method:TLC


Hovenia contains large amounts of glucose, malic acid calcium, with strong diuretic effect.It can promote ethanol decomposition and discharge, significantly reducing the concentration of alcohol in the blood, and can eliminate free radicals produced by ethanol in vivo. Thus, it prevented the formation of oxidized lipids, so as to reducing the ethanol damage of liver tissue, avoid alcohol poisoning cause a variety of metabolic abnormalities, induced a variety of diseases.In Chinese Medicine, Hovenia is used for relieving thirst, excessive drinking, drunk not awake,diabetes and so on.



1.Semen Hoveniae Extract has remarkable effects on alcoholism, fatty liver, hepatitis, diuretic symptoms, quenching thirst, and as a detox.

2.Semen Hoveniae Extract has the functions of detoxification of alcohol.

3.It has the function of clearing heat and lower blood pressure.


1.Used in Pharmaceutical raw material

2.Health care product

3.Beverage & Drink

Storage: Store in sealed containers at cool & dry place. Protect from light, moisture and pest infestation.

Shelf life: 2 years when properly stored.

Packing: 1KG/Aluminum foil; 25KG/Drum.


FOB Price: 1
Minimum Order: 1
Port: Beijing/Tianjin
Payment Terms: FOB/CIF/CIP

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