Detailed Product Description

L-212 Analog oscilloscope
DC-20MHz,Dual channels
X-Y mode
6" display
high brightness oscilloscope tube

L-212 20MHz Dual channels Analog oscilloscope


   Dual channels/dual traces, X-Y mode
   6" display, high brightness oscilloscope tube
   High sensitivity triggering, up to 1mV/division clearer display than ordinary oscilloscope

   TV synchronous separation circuit to observe stable TV signal

   Triggering mode: AUTO/NORM/AV-V/AV-H

   Vertical: ALT/CHOP/ADD


   Polarity reversal

   CH1 Sync output

   Power supply: AC 220V ADN (110V optional)



   CRT: 6 inches rectangular screen with internal graticule, 8*10div (1 div=1cm).

   Vertical deflection

   Display mode: CH1, CH2, CH3, ADD, ALT, and CHOP

   Deflection factor: 5mV/div to 5V/div±3 %,( 1mV/div to 1V/div±5% at*5), 10steps.

   Rise time: ≤17.5ns

   Max. Input voltage: 40v (DC+AC peak value) when≤1KHz

   Input coupling: AC, DC, Grounding

   Polarity selection :±( CH2 only)


Horizontal deflection

   Display mode: 1, 10, X-Y

   Time Base: 0.2us/div to 0.5s/div, 20 range

   Sweep expansion width:*10

   Accuracy: ±3%


Triggering System:

   Triggering mode: NORM, AUTO, TV-V, TV-H

   Triggering sourde: CH1, CH2, LINE, EXT

   Sensitivity and Frequency: Auto: 20Hz---100MHz (VERT)

   Norm: 0.5div int, 0.8Vp—p EXT

   0.5div INT, 0.5vp---PEXT

   TV-H: At least 1 div or 1V p-p,

   Input impedance: 1MΩ


X-Y Operation

   X-Y Phase difference: ≤3o,DC--50KHz



   Calibration waveform: Frequency: 1KH 20%, Voltage: 0.5v1%

   Power supply: AC 220V/110V±10%, 50/60Hz

   Dimensions: 370*310*130mm


FOB Price: FOB USD 255.00~280.00 / Set
Minimum Order: 10 Set/Sets The more,the cheaper!
Port: Shenzhen
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,PayPal

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