PASS-PH is a new type silicone surfactant that overcomes the hydrolysis problem of general silicone surfactants, while keeping the spreading and penetrating ability. Thus it is designed for the application in formulation process. It is quite workable when the system pH range is 3-10, compared to normal silicone surfactant 5-8.

Outstanding merits: 

1) Low surface tension leading to enlarging droplet coverage 

2) Improve the spraying solution penetration thus enhance the efficacy and rainfastness

Product Usage 

As an additive in formulation 
Dosage: 1%-10% based on the total formulation. 
Do compatibility tests before large-scale usage. 

PASS-PH is more suggested to be used in SC, EC formulation. When it is used in the preparation of SC formulation, added directly after grinding.

Packing: 200L plastic drum, IBC drum.

For more info about Pro-THK, please contact as below:
Contact: Susan Hu
Email: susan@profirst.cn or info@profirst.cn
Skype: profirst-susan
Whatsapp/Mobile: +86 15902190115


FOB Price: negotiable
Minimum Order: 2MT
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: FOB, CIF, etc

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