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Extruded (Floating fish) feed for Tilapia available in sizes 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5 mm and 6 mm. Main ingredients : Soymeal, Fish meal, Corn gluten meal, rice, wheat, soy lechitin, fish oil, rice bran oil, vitamins, Minerals, Mono calcium phosphate, antioxidants Guaranteed Analysis : Crude Protien (Min) : 32% Fat (Max) : 6% Fibre (Max) : 4% Moisture (Max) : 10%
Juvenile feeds are suitable to feed larvae and fry of fish after hatching. In the early stages of life the nutritional quality of the feed is essential to ensure healthy and normal development of the fry.
It is important to produce feed particles for these young fish with the right size and physical quality. It is also important that the feed do not worsen the water quality of the tanks in which the fry is reared. Juvenile feeds span from tiny particles of 100 microns in size up to large pellets 3 mm in diameter. Juvenile diets are made with special production equipment to ensure excellent nutritional and physical quality.


FOB Price: $790~$900/mt
Minimum Order: 13mt.
Port: Qingdao
Payment Terms: T/T or Paypal.

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