Detailed Product Description

Hair removal treatment
480,530,560,590,640nm filters
Suitable for all skin color
50J energy


E light




 The E-Light technology fully combines the advantages of optical energy and radio frequency. With the impedance difference in skin and pre-heat produced when the skin selectively absorbs optical energy, the targeted tissue absorbs radio frequency with lower optical energy. So, with a very low risk of side effects-pigment lesion, blistering-generally caused by higher optical energy, we are able to achieve good result with comfortable treatment. The traditional IPL device can only reach 2mm into the skin, however, the Diana E-light creates a deep penetration into the dermis about 15mm. So, with this technology of Diana, we can achieve more applications, especially on wrinkle treatments and skin tightening.



Scope of application


1.Eliminates wrinkles, tighten skin and face promotion.


2.Remove splash deeply, remove surface splash, whiten and soften the skin, treat Telangiectasis and hair removal.


3.Acne treatment, improve the sensitive skin effectively.


4.Remove unwanted body hair, especially for the thin hair


Characteristics of the machine


l         LCD finger touch screen to make the parameter clear and easy to control

l         Pulse :16 adjustableRepeat frequency:2- 4s adjustable

l         pulse width :110ms adjustablepulse interval 1100ms adjustable

l         The highest energy of IPL :50J/cm2

l         Adjustment range for RF50~2500ms

l         Automatic PC detect to make sure the safe operation

l         IPL and RF could used separately to make the applications abroad

l         Automatically inner counter to record the exact life time of the handpiece

l         Detect the real water temperature to ensure the safe operation!




About the power


l         Green and environmental protection power supply with European CE standard

l         Module design to make the maintenance and changes easy

l         Module design water tank speed up the efficiency and a better cooling effect!

l         High power semi-conductor cooling sheet, high runoff pump, cooling temperature from -3---5 degrees, adjustable

l         Module design closed radiator to make higher efficiency and safer


Spare functions


l         Spare function for IC card, it is used for rent business style and the life time of the machine is set up based on customers requirements!

l         Customers could choose the independent handpiece based on their using habit


 Difference between E-light and IPL






Intense pulse light


Eliminates wrinkles deeply


Tighten skin with no injury


Face promotion


Remove splash deeply


Remove the thin hair


Remove thick black hair

Acne treatment

Whiten and soften the skin

Treat Telangiectasis

Feel comfortable


Easy operation


No-side effect


Dark skin






Light source:           Intense pulsed light

Range of Spectrum:    480-1200nm Acne removal  (filter

530-1200nm wrinkle removal  (filter

560-1200nm Skin rejuvenation filter

590-1200nm Telangiectasisfilter

6401200nm :Hair removalfilter

RF frequency:          1MHz

RF Max Energy       20J/CM3

IPL Max Energy       50J/CM2

Spot size:              12X30 mm

Amount of pulse:       1~6, adjustable

Interval of Pulse:       1~100ms, adjustable

Sub-pulse Width:       1~10ms, adjustable

Cycle:                  2-4s, adjustable

Cooling Way:           semi-conductor cooling

Screen:                8.4 inch LCD screen

Power Supply:         110/220V10 60HZ  6A

External Dimension:    50*58*123cm

Weight:                65kg (gross)

Spare function:         IC counter

  Independent handpiece


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Port: Beijing
Payment Terms: T/T,Paybal

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