PU Screen


1. Good abrasion resistant performance, long lifetime span is 3 to 5 times of the stainless steel sieve plates, and more than 5 times of the general rubber screen.

2. Fewer maintenance and replacement work, wear-resistant, have a longer servicing time. Lower the cost for maintenance.

3. The totally cost is less. PU screen have long lifetime of 3-5 times than stainless steel screen, have fewer maintenance and replacement work, although the PU screens cost much (almost double) than the stainless steel screen,

4 . Good wet-resistant performance, it can work on the water condition. Polyurethane has lower abrasion value with condition of using water or oil as the medium.

5. High sieve functions effectively and efficiently, preventing the humid particles adhesive. Due to its lower abrasion, PU screen has a longer life time.

6. Anti-corrosion, flame-proof, non-toxic and odourless.

7. Due to the reasonable design and unique production techniques, the extreme size of particles can’t jam the holes of PU screen.

8. Good shock-absorbing ability and noise-reducing ability. It prevents the materials on the sieve from breaking in the process of vibration.

9. Can work in a alkaline environment of PH7-12, temperature of below 120℃;

10. Not easy to generate static electricity;

11.PU screens are mainly used in metallurgy, coal mines, mineral mines, water conservation, and petroleum industry for classifying materials, dehydration and scrupling work. 

12.Hardness:Shore A90+-5, Abrasion value: <0.05cubic centimeter/1.61km; mesh:20x20, 25x25, 30x30, or according to customer’s request. 
13 Four types of PU screen connection: (1) mosaic connection, (2) screw bolt connection,(3) layering connection (4) sieve hook connection.


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