EP rubber conveyor belt


EP conveyor belt is the industry with respect to polyester canvas as skeleton, with a body having a thin, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, into a good groove, good low elongation, dimensional thermal stability, and high wet strength fabric core belt. In addition to general use, there is oil, acid, cold-resistant, antistatic and other types.


Ø Using Polyester canvas as framework, its structure is the same with that of general conveyor belt.
● With such features as light and thin body, fatigue resistance, shock resistance, good slot forming, low elongation, good dimension thermal stability, high wet strength and so on. It’s the developing direction of fabric core conveyor belt.

Ø Applications:
●Mainly used for occasions with harsh conditions such as long distance, heavy load, high chemical corrosion and others, especially suitable for humid environment.

Ø Advantage

1, good flexibility, impact resistance polyester canvas full of unique flexibility, can well absorb shock.

2, constant load elongation is small, the use of small elongation polyester canvas conveyor belt constant load elongation is superior to nylon and other fabric conveyor belt conveyor belt in use can shorten export stroke, saving equipment costs, and adapted material long distance transport.

3, good water resistance under humid environment, strong adhesive tape without lowering the temperature, extend the life of the tape.

4, good heat resistance, corrosion resistant

5, with a thin body, light weight due to the large energy intensity polyester canvas, about 2.5-9 times that of cotton sails, and cotton canvas conveyor belt than the layer can be reduced, thus with a thin body, light weight, good trough ability, both to improve delivery and reduce transmission power, and they can reduce the diameter of the pulley relative to achieve the purpose of saving.


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