Tire Repair Kit for Bike- Box Packing  TBIC-01 


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 KRONYO Tire repair kit for bike


 The relative tools are together, look beautiful, easy to carry, professional rider’s best choice, self-easy repairing

tire damage, all kinds of specifications, see the product specifications.


 KRONYO Tire repair kit for bike







Nylon tire lever/ 3pcs
Rubber solution 7ml/ 1pc
Square metal rasp/ 1pc
Cold patch Dia. 25mm/ 2pcs
Cold Patch Dia. 32mm/ 2pcs
Cold patch 52 x 32mm/ 2pcs
PP plastic box/ 1pc
PP plastic box/ 1pc







1. Pub off the part to be mended larger than the patch in size.
2. Apply slight rubber solution to the part to be mended.
3. Slowly take off the foil.
4. When the rubber solution dries, paste the patch on the part to be mended and fix the patch with small roller.






1. Rub off the part to be mended larger than the pachin size.
2. Apply slight rubber solution to the part to be mended.
3. Slowly take off the foil.
4. When the rubber solution dries, paste the patch on the part to be mended and fix the patch with a small hammer.






 One-stop service


KRONYO EP-57SL01 Epoxy Putty Multi epoxy putty Mighty Putty



Only us in Taiwan


Made in Taiwan


Automatic Production


Production and manufacturing capacity    




Brand introduction   


Krönyo united Co. Ltd is named after the name of representor Lin Kuanyo. By using the pronunciation of the Chinese

name it become Kronyo. Mainly produce and manufacture glues and repairing tool and products relating to bicycles, cars and motorbikes.

Kronyo united Co. Ltd is a cooperation company of Hsuan Hau, symbolizing inheritance techniques from his father, as well as the spirt. He will bear its traditional industries to create new vitality as mission, uphold the play hard, work smart, and enjoy life.


KRONYO color tight spell with the letter K followed symbolize the unio of old ideas and new generations, the two series of convergence barriers, bonding broken things, united people-oriented, family-centered philosophy,


KRONYO products are all automated machinery manufacturing and a series of one-stop service, from raw materials, production,manufacturing, packaging, shipping, all in Taiwan.Innovate and development Good product in response to time, KRONYO made in Taiwan, the only worthy choice of brands.

Glue in hand sticks all

Bag in hand saves all

100 % original, the only one





Kronyo United Co. Ltd. is a worldwide

professional brand of tire repair kits  
tube adhesives.




 A brand name established via investment of Hsuan Hau Enterprise Co. Ltd., which is a leading professional manufacturerin Taiwan specializingin aluminum tube production and filling as well as in the manufacture of a variety of adhesives.



Krönyo United has been certifed. IS09001:2008.

we have the best quality and as well as the 

most trustworthy company; all  of our products are deveioped and manufactured in Taiwan.

From 2010 on, we have started transforming the company in order to respond to the market requirements and upgraded services.



This transform has allowing us to change from a hardware and equipment.


FOB Price: US $ 1 - 100 /Piece 
Min.Order Quantity: 5088 Box
Supply Ability: 10000 Box/Boxes per Week
Port: Keelung port, Taiwan
Payment Terms: T / T




1.Why do you have to choose our products?

1. We can provide OEM & ODM and one stop service, our products packing are
accounting to customer’s demand; customer can also have their own combination if
they need.
2. High-quality product, fast delivery, save your time and increase the efficiency of
your business!
3. We offer secure payment type and 100% product checking before sending to
ensure you get the right product. If anything goes wrong with the product, we can
give replacement.


2.What is the difference between cold patch and tire seal?

The only difference is that Cold Patch is for inner tire and tire seal is for tubeless tire.
Paste cold patch on the surface hole and stuck tire seal into the hole.


3.What are the specifications of tire seals?

The color is divided into black & brown. The thickness is 3.5mm & 6mm, the length is
10cm(4″)& 20cm(8″), respectively.


4.How many types does the co2 cylinder have?

There are 12g 16g 25g cylinders with different types of packaging.


5.What combination do you have for Co2 tire repair kit?

Our combination can be various, co2 connection pipe, co2 inflator, co2 cylinder
sleeve etc. Customer can have their own combination of their tire repair needs.
Those can be placed into tire repair bag. Our bag is affordable lightweight and easy
to carry. It is great for long term driving/riding, and commuters who often travel.

6.Why choose to use tire sealant and how much sealant is required?

1. Use tire sealant in advance to protect before tire punctured. When it happens,
tire sealant can give quick repair via the sealant inside the tire. It would roll over
and take into effect.
2. To use it when you have flat tires. This type of product is only meant to help you
out in an emergency situation. Once you're moving again, you need to make your
way to a repair facility as soon as possible.
Recommended usage amount:

Bike = 30ml
Scooter = 100ml
Motorcycle = 150ml
Car = 250ml


7.What is difference between glueless patch and Cold Patch?

The difference is that glueless patch can paste directly on the inner tube, and cold
patch needs to use rubber solution to paste with it. The advantage for glueless patch
is that it is easier and lighter to carry, fast and can save time on waiting glue to dry.
The disadvantage is less effective than cold patch.


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FOB Price: Discuss
Minimum Order: 5088
Port: Keelung
Payment Terms: T/T

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