1.Measuring range: concentration: 0.0010.00% NaOH, temperature: 099.9℃;

2.The basic error of electronic unitconcentration: ±1.0%temperature: ±0.3℃;

3.Automatic temperature compensation range: 099.9℃;

4.Solution for measurement: 099.9℃ 0.6MPa

5.The basic error of the instrument: concentration: ±2.0%(the error can be less than 0.05% after point adjustment)


6.The repeated error of electronic unit± 1.0%

7.The stability of electronic unit: ±1.0% /24h

8.Current isolation output: 420 mA(load<750Ω)

9.The error of output current: ≤±1%FS

10.The temperature coefficient compensation range: (010.0)%/℃(adjustable)

11.Alarm relay: AC220V3A

12. RS485 communication interface (matching);

13.Power supply: AC220V±22V 50Hz±1HzMatching DC24±2.4V for supplying power;

14.Degree of protection: IP65

15.Clock precision± 1min./mon.

16. Data storage space: 1 month(1 point/5min.)

17. The data storage time with continuous off the power: 10 years

18.Overall dimension: 146Length×146Width×108Depthmm

Opening dimension: 138×138 mm

19.Weight: 0.8kg

20.Working condition: ambient temperature 060℃   relative humidity<85%



FOB Price: 800USD/set
Minimum Order: 5sets
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: TT or Trade Assurance

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