DOG-208FA Industrial High Temperature Dissolved Oxygen Electrode


DOG-208FA electrode, which is specially designed to be resistant to 130 degrees steam sterilization, the pressure auto-balance high temperature dissolved oxygen electrode, for liquids or gases dissolved oxygen measurement, the electrode is most suitable for small microbial culture reactor dissolved oxygen levels on line. Can also be used for environmental monitoring, waste water treatment and aquaculture on-line measurement dissolved oxygen levels.


Dissolved oxygen electrode characteristics


1. DOG-208FA high temperature fermentation dissolved oxygen

electrode applicable for Polarographic Principle

2. With imported breathable membrane heads

3. Steel gauze electrode membrane and silicone rubber

4. Endure high temperature, No deformation characteristics 

Technical indexes


1. Electrode body material: stainless steel

2. Permeable membrane: fluorine plastic,

silicone, stainless steel wire mesh composite membrane.

3. Cathode: platinum wire

4. Anode: silver

5. Electrodes built-in temperature sensor: PT1000

6. The response current in the air: About 60nA

7. The response current in a nitrogen atmosphere: less than

one percent response current of response in air.

8. Electrode response time: about 60 seconds (up 95% response)

9. Electrode Response Stability: a constant oxygen partial pressure

at a constant temperature environment, response current drift less

than 3% per week

10. Liquid mixing flow to the electrode response: 3% or less (in water at

room temperature)

11. Electrode Response Temperature Coefficient: 3% (greenhouse)

12. Insert the electrode diameter: 12 mm, 19 mm, 25 mm optional

13. Electrode insertion length: 80,150,200,250,300 mm



FOB Price: 800USD/pc
Minimum Order: 5pcs
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: TT or Trade Assurance

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