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portable cavitation cavitation equipment
1.fat smashing,figure shaping
2.promote metabolism
3.skin tightening,restore skin


portable cavitation cavitation equipment


Output power1MHz:  50W  
4KHz:  150W  



Ultrasonic banting instrument is the latest scientific and technological revolution, can be effective treatment for stubborn fat cellulite and orange peel.

Its use of sound hole effect, acting on the cellulite, so that make it burst, decomposition and then be absorbed by the lymphatic system, eliminated out of  the body.

strong sound  Produces a implosion effect to liquid, namely, the expansion and compression waves within the liquid form a total number of micro-gap, these micro-gap are gases and vapor. In the  compression cycle, strong sound produce postive effects to liquid molecules, while the in the expansion cycle will produce negative pressure effect.


In both the biological tissue and fluid existence of cohesion, in the low density of fat cells, the molecular bonding will be weak, the strong sound waves produce a low negative pressure can make organizational gap. in physics it is known as " cavitation phenomenon."


the micro-gap inside and outside of the Cells caused by the implosion will be results in the molecular motion enhanced, so that it will result in a high-energy level to reach the final breakdown of fat cells.

special feature

1 million times per second sound vibrations generated effectively the three different effect to the fat at the same time.

1.  decomposition

The sound waves can produce a series of compression and decompression, so that it will create vibration among the molecular in the molecule. The effect can accelerate the liquid flow and diffusion,make the cell complex and too large molecular disperse, decomposeand softening its viscosity, and then break down the fat effective.

2.Hyperthermia dissolution


the energy of Mechanical vibration was absorbed by the subcutaneous tissue and converted into heat. thereby increasing the temperature of fat, thus the fat gradually being broken down, emulsified and dissolved. The effects of heat can promote cell metabolism and blood return. and blood return.



After a series of mechanical action and hyperthermia, it will naturally promote biochemical reactions initiated. Endovascular exclusion of unwanted toxins and cell excess, and then excreted with through the lymphatic system.








FOB Price: FOB USD 1~800 / Set
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets welcome wholesale
Port: Guangzhou
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

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