Detailed Product Description

THERMAL FILLING Machine is suitable for production of such high temperature filled beverage as filled juice beverage.

THERMAL FILLING Machine is a full automatic multi functional combined machine group integrating washing, filling and capping developed by advanced korean technology, it is suitable for production of such high temperature filled beverage as filled juice beverage, tea beverage. By changing some parts, it can also be used for normal temperature filling.


Product Speciality:

1.The main machine has applied advanced Computer automatic control technique. The key electrical parts are international famous brands.

2. Integral drive height adjustment mechanism is applied in bottle changing, which makes it convenient to suit for different shapes of bottles.

3.Constant temperature recycling system can be fixed with automatic temperature control and automatic back-flow.

4.Spring-type washing and cleaning pliers are applied, empty bottles can automatically turn 180°degrees with tracks, twice washing andleaning for inside and outside surfaces, the washing and cleaning efficiency is rather high.

5.Pressure-type filling to ensure liquid positioning and accurate volume.¡

6.Magnetic torque type cover turning can fasten but not damage the bottle covers.

7.Sheath construction without pin joint ensures safety for both man and machine.

8.The machine is of low noise, which is parallel to that of same industry in the world.



FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Set/Sets
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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