pHG-2091 Industrial Online pH Meter

pHG-2091 industrial online pH meter is precision meter for measurement of pH value of solution. With complete functions, stable performance, simple operation and other advantages, they are optimal instruments for industrial measurement and control of pH value. Various pH electrodes can be used in pHG-2091 industrial online pH meter.




LCD display, high-performance CPU chip, high-precision AD conversion technology and SMT chip technology, Multi-parameter, temperature compensation, high precision and repeatability US TI chips; 96 x 96 world-class shell; world-famous brands for 90% parts


The current output and alarm relay adopt optoelectronic isolating technology, strong interference immunity and the capacity of long-distance transmission.


Isolated alarming signal output, discretionary setting of upper and lower thresholds for alarming, and lagged cancellation of alarming.


High-performance operational amplifier, low temperature drift; high stability and accuracy.


Technical Indexes

1. Measuring range: 0~14.00pH,  Resolution:0.01pH

2. Precision:0.05pH,±0.3

3. Stability:0.05pH/24h

4. Automatic temperature compensation: 0~100(pH)

5. Manual temperature compensation:0~80(pH)

6. Output signal: 4-20mA isolated protection output, dual current output

7. Communication interface:RS485(selection)

8. Output control mode: ON/OFF relay output contacts

9. Relay load: Maximum 240V 5A; Minimum l l5V 10A

10. Relay delay: Adjustable

11.Current output load:Max.750Ω

12. Insulation resistance:20M

13.Working voltage: 220V±22V,50Hz±0.5Hz

14. Overall dimension: 96(length)x96(width)x110(depth)mm

   dimension of the hole: 92x92mm


16. Working condition: ambient temperature:0~60, air relative humidity:90%

Except for the earth magnetic field, there is no interference of other strong magnetic field around.


Ordering guide:

1. To inform whether the electrode provided is a dual or ternary complex.

2. To inform the length of the electrode cable (default as 5m).

3. To inform the installation type of the electrode: flow-through, immerged, flanged or pipe-based


Standard configuration

One secondary meter, the mounting sheath of immerged (selection), one pH electrode, three packs of standard buffer solution (for pH4.00, 6.86 and 9.18 respectively).



pH 8022 Industrial Composite Pure Water pH Electrode





1. The polymer filling makes the reference junction potential very stable.

2. The diffusion potential is very stable; large-area diaphragm surrounds the glass diaphragm bubbles, so that the distance from the reference diaphragm to the glass diaphragm is near and constant; the ions diffused from diaphragm and the glass electrode quickly form a complete measurement circuit to respond quickly, so that the diffusion potential is not easy to be affected by the outside flow rate and is thus very stable.

3. As the diaphragm adopts the polymer filling and there is small and stable amount of overflowing electrolyte, it shall not pollute the measured pure water.

Therefore, the above-mentioned features of the composite electrode make it ideal for measuring pH value of high-purity water.


Model No.: PH8022

1. Measuring range: 0-14pH

2. Temperature range:0-85℃

3. Compressive strength:0.6MPa

4. Slope: ≥96

5. Zero point potential: E0=7PH±0.3

6. Internal impedance: ≤250 MΩ (25)

7. Profile: 3-in-1Electrode (Integrating the temperature compensation and the solution grounding)

8. Installation size: Upper and Lower 3/4NPT Pipe Thread

9. Connection: Low-noise cable goes out directly.

10. Application: Measurement of all kinds of pure water and high-purity water.


● It adopts the world-class solid dielectric and a large area of PCE liquid for junction, difficult to block and convenient maintenance.


● Long-distance reference diffusion channel greatly extends the service life of electrodes in the harsh environment.


● It adopts PPS/PC casing and the upper and lower 3/4NPT pipe thread, so it is easy for installation and there is no need of the jacket, thus saving the installation cost.


● The electrode adopts the high-quality low-noise cable, which makes the signal output length more than 40 meters free of interference.


● There is no need for additional dielectric and there is a little amount of maintenance.

● High measurement accuracy, fast echoing and good repeatability.


● Reference electrode with silver ions Ag/AgCL

● Proper operation shall make service life longer.


● It can be installed in the reaction tank or pipe laterally or vertically.

● The electrode can be replaced by a similar electrode made by any other country.




         Electrode Structure Chart                      Electrode Wiring Plug




Application filed: Medicine, chlor-alkali chemicals, dyes pigments, pulp and paper, intermediates, fertilizers, starch, water and environmental protection industries, high purity water measurement.



FOB Price: 175USD/set
Minimum Order: 1 set
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: TT or Trade Assurance

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