pHG-3081B Industrial Online pH meter

pHG-3081B Industrial pH meter is a new pH analyzer developed by our Company. It is a highly intelligent on-line continuous monitoring instrument consisting of sensor and secondary meter. It can be used together with triplex or duplex electrodes to meet various applications. With pure water and hyperpure water electrode, it can be used to measure the pH value of water with an electric conductivity less than 3µS/cm (such as chemical supply water, saturated vapor, condensate, etc.). It can be widely used for continuous pH monitoring of various water in many industries such as power, chemical engineering, environmental protection, medicine, food, and so on.




Highly intelligent:  industrial pH meter uses high precision AD conversion and singlechip micro-processing technology, and has such functions as measuring pH value and temperature, automatic temperature compensation, and self-check of the instrument.

High reliability: The components are integrated onto a circuit board, without complex function switches, knobs or potential devices.

Double high-resistance inputs: It introduces the latest components, and the impedance of the double high-resistance inputs is up to 1012Ω, providing high protection against interference.

Solution grounding: The interference from ground circuit can be eliminated.

Isolated current outputs: It introduces light electric coupling technology, providing high protection against interference and realizing long-distance transmission.

RS485 communication interface: With this interface it can be conveniently connected to PC for monitoring and communication.

Automatic temperature compensation: It provides automatic temperature compensation at the range between 099.9℃.

Waterproof and dust-proof design: The protection grade is IP65, and it is suitable for outdoor use.

Display, menu: It uses menus similar as PCs, providing simple operation; Tips in are provided for each operation step, and users can conveniently use it even without a user manual.

Multi-parameter display in the same screen: It displays several parameters in the same screen, including pH value, input mV (or output current), temperature, time, status, and so on.

History curve: It can save the measurement data automatically every 5 minutes, and can store the pH data of one consecutive month. It provides “history curve” display and “specified time/point” inquiry on the same screen.

Monitoring electrode: The method, time and results of each calibration are recorded for convenient inquiry and analysis of the changing laws of electrode.

Digital clock: It provides several time bases.

High-quality display: It uses graph-type LCD display with backlight 192 x 64 lattice, realizing display of both graphs. It has adjustable uniform backlight, so it can be operated and read even in outdoor dark environment.

25℃ conversion: It provide 25℃ base temperature conversion for pure water and ammonified hyperpure water, so the pH value at 25℃ can be directly displayed. This is particularly suitable for measurement of water quality in power plants.

Stable operation and no crash: The watchdog program ensures continuous operation of the instrument without crash.

Manual current source: User can check and set freely the input current, providing convenience for checking recorder and lower computer.  

Software-set current output: The software selects 010mA or 420mA, and user need not touch any switch.

Four calibration manners: Except the traditional one-point and two-point calibration, it also provides calibration by manual input zero-point E0, slope S and known pH value, so that various needs of users can be met.


Technical indexes


1. Measurement range: pH value: 014.00pH,              precision 0.01pH;

         Temperature: 0~99.9℃,             precision 0.1℃;

         Electric potential: –999.9~+999.9mV,  precision 0.1mV.

2. Range of automatic temperature compensation: 0~99.9℃, 25℃ is the base;

3. Tested water sample: 099.9℃, 0.6MPa;

4. Automatic temperature compensation error of electronic unit: ±0.03pH;

5. Repetition error of electronic unit: ±0.02pH

6. Stability: ±0.02pH/24h;

7. Input impedance: ≥1012 Ω;

8. Clock precision: ±1 minute/month;

9. Isolated current output: 010mA (load <1.5 kΩ),

                     420 mA (load <750 Ω);

10. Output current error: ≤±1%FS;

11. Data storage quantity: data of 1 month (1 point per 5 minutes);

12. High and low alarming relay: AC220V, 3A;

13. RS485 communication interface; 


FOB Price: 600USD/set
Minimum Order: 1 set
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: TT or Trade Assurance

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