Detailed Product Description

1.d fender
2.high shock absorption
3.impact and fatigue resistant
4.can be repaired and reused

d fender


rubber fender purpose
1. Installed in the terminal and dock,used the ship shore and landing.
2.Installed in the ship board ,used the ship close to ship.
3.can as float rod on the sea.
4.can used carry goods on the sea
5. used airproof pipe


Out adhesive: Protective cord layer and inner adhesive have high tensile strength and abrasion resistance .
Cord layer : Strong layer of the pneumatic rubber fender is made from winding the high strength polyamide fibre cord fabric .
Inner adhesive : The cord layer of pneumatic rubber fender assures no gas leakage from the compressor .
End-flange: The end-flange is a part to fix air valve component ,buried metal part and the cord layer and used for hoisting ,and filling ans discharging gas .
1.Frenquently check whether the airbag spheroid is damaged and whether the pressure is normal ,and the valve core must be replaced every six months.
2.The steel wire should wrap the rubber pipe ,when tying steel wire to pneumatic rubber fender in case the the fender is stabbed .
3. The surace or subject next to the pneumatic rubber fender cant be hard and sharp-point in case the fender is stabbed .
4. The accessories and jips nut cant be loose when testing the internal pressure .
5. When applying the pneumatic rubber fender ,the rope net should be reliable ,the steel wire used for hanging metal parts and the hook link cant be tied in disorder .
Storage of Pneumatic rubber fender
1. When not using for a long time ,wash the fender surface ,dry up and fill in sufficient right amount of compressed air to lay in a cool ,dry and well-ventilated place .
2. The storage place of pneumatic rubber fender should be far away from heat source .
3. Try to keep fender away from acid ,alkali,grease and organic solvents.
4. When not applying the fender ,the pneumatic rubber fender cant be piled up and heavy itiems cant be piled on the fender .

Pneumatic fenders are suitable for many applications including:
Tankers, Gas Carriers and Bulk Cargo Ships
Fast ferries and aluminum hulled vessels
Temporary of permanent installations
Rapid response and emergency fendering
As stand-off fenders to realign ships with shore facilities





FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1 Piece/Pieces
Port: Qingdao
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T

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