Guarana extract

Other names:  Guarana extract, Guarana caffeine, Guaranaine
Active ingredients: Guaranaine
Appearance: yellow-brown powder
Specifications: 10%,22%, and customized

Test method: HPLC


Main functions:
1.anti-fatigue, improving physiological function
2.inhibiting appetite, losing weight
3.Stimulating the brain function, improving attention
4.alleviating headaches
5.help body remove surplus moisture, overcoming discomfort caused by high temperature
6.antioxidant function, eliminating free radicals

Range of application: beverages: functional drinks, soft drinks, fruit drinks and solid beverages, etc. 
health care products: tablet, capsule and medicinal granules, etc.  food: candy, energy bar, chewing gum, brewing drinks, etc.

Packing specification: 5 kg/aluminum foil bag, 25 kg/drums 

Storage conditions: sealed container, stored in dry and thermophilic environment,avoiding sunshine.


FOB Price: USD10.0
Minimum Order: 1KG
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal

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