camptothecin is orginated from Camptotheca, which has a higher cost than camptothecin derived fromNothapodytes pittosporoides. Maoyuan biochem produces camptothecin from both, both are natual with no pecitisides.

 Details of camptothecin:

CAS#: 7689-03-4

 Molecular formula:C20H16N2O4
 Molecular weight:348.34
 Standard: In house
 Specification: 95%,98%,99% (by HPLC)
 Single impurity: less than 0.5% generally, or <0.1% as required
 Capacity: 3000kg camptothecin per month
 Application: Camptothecin is a cytotoxic quinoline alkaloid which inhibits the DNA enzyme topoisomerase I (topo I) to fight cancers, a pharmaceutical intermediates mainly used for derivatives SN38(Irinotecan related compoud B), Irinotecan( CPT-11),Topotecan, Exatecan and Lurtotecan in oncology field.Natural camptothecin has steady medical effectivity in its application.


Minimum Order: 1kgs
Port: chengdu, tianjin, shanghai
Payment Terms: T/T in advance

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