Andrographis extract originated from natural herb andrographis panliculata, which is widely planted in China and India. The andrographolide is the main ingredient in the herbal andrographis paniculata and andrographis extract.It also contains, deoxyandrographolide and neoandrographolide, 5,7, tetramethoxyflavanone and 5-hydroxy-7, trimethoxyflavone, as well as several other flavonoids and polyphenols.

The studies shows the Andrographis extract has following potential benefits, among them, the first two benefits are widely introduced in China.
Colds and flu, upper respiratory infection, URI
This is the most important application in China Medicine. The long known in TCM as an immune system booster, Andrographis paniculata has demonstrated significant activity in fighting common cold, flu, and upper respiratory infections. Two randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled parallel group clinical trials were performed to investigate the effect of a standardized extract (SHA-10) fixed combination (Kan jang) in the treatment of uncomplicated upper-respiratory tract infections. In both studies, throat symptoms were found to show the most significant improvement.
The leaves of Andrographis paniculata are used as a medicinal herb in the treatment of infectious diseases. Data suggest that it is superior to placebo in alleviating the subjective symptoms of uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infection. There is also preliminary evidence of a preventative effect.

Andrographis paniculata extract possesses anti-inflammatory effects, attributed to the main constituent andrographolide proposed as alternative in the treatment of autoimmune disease. A prospective, randomized, double blind, and placebo-controlled study in patients with rheumatoid arthritis was performed. Tablets (Paractin) made of an extract of A. paniculata (30% total andrographolides) were a good example.
Spec:5%,10%,20%,50% andrographolide by HPLC.
Packing:25kg/drum,1kg/foil bag.
Capacity:3000kgs andrographis extract per month.


FOB Price: nego
Minimum Order: 25kgs
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: T/T

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