Cobalt manganese lithium batteries
Model: HD-24V11/36N13
Brand Name: HaiDi
Order: 100 sets
Delivery Port: Shenzhen
Domestic: Logistics or courier
Delivery Time: 10 - 15 days
Payment Terms: TT prepay (TT, T / T)
Country of origin: China
special function:
Rated voltage: 48 v
Rated capacity: 13Ah
Maximum discharge current: 15
Charging voltage limit: 54.6 v
Emission limit voltage: 35.75 v
Dimensions: Custom
Life: 2000 cycle (sealed lead-acid batteries only 300 cycles and NiMH batteries only 500 cycles)
Higher capacity and voltage (we can install in series and parallel single cell, it can be fully discharged, and only 70% SLA battery is fully discharged)
More powerful (high discharge current, 1 c 3 c continuous pulse normal cells and 10 c specially designed for)
Safe Use (never explode and stable at high temperatures, so the need for a temperature controller)
Light and small (1/2 size / weight of SLA batteries, nickel hydrogen / nickel cadmium battery size / weight of 70%)
No memory effect (which can be charged at any time, no reduction in capacity)
Wide Operating Temperature: -20 - 75 ° C
Environmental protection (no lead or cadmium)
You can be charged by solar energy
certified product:
Certification standards: CE
Certificate Number: TCT11206190005E
Certification Standards: RoHS
Certificate Number: TCT11206190005R
Certification Standards: FCC
Certificate Number: TCT11206190005F
Date: June 19, 1012
Issued: Detection Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen TCT.
Range / Range: Life Series batteries, lithium iron phosphate series, ultracapacitor
Note Note: The above prices are for reference only, if necessary contact, specific models can be designed according to your specific requirements! ! !


FOB Price: $90,00/ $ 130,00
Minimum Order: 100PCS
Port: ShenZhen
Payment Terms: TT

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