High Solid Anaerobic Digestion (HSAD) Plant

High solid anaerobic digestion technology is used to process both organic wastes from MSW and other biowastes like garden wastes, animal manure, etc. The digestor is made of steel reinforced concrete and equipped with agitators for agitating mechanically. Besides, waste heat from gas engine are used to heat up circulating waste for keeping digestor internal temperature at 35 - 38 ℃. The system is working on continuous model (continuous feeding, fermentation and discharging) up to 8000 hours operation per year and the volume basis biogas production of digestor is above 1.5 m3/day·m3. The advantages of this solution are listed below,

  • High digestate concentration, above 25% up to 30-35%
  • Low fermentation tank volume,
  • Low land area requirement
  • Low feedstock purity requirement, durable tank body
  • No floating impurities and sediments, stable fermentation operation
  • High solid content in digestate, easy for further utilization


FOB Price: $300,000-1,000,000
Minimum Order: 1
Port: Shanghai
Payment Terms: TT/LC

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