This machine suitable for chipping wood branches and leaves.
Green energy, debris can be embedded in the surface, compost or free decay of organic matter to improve the land. Green energy fashion consumption, durable and practical, essential nobility,
Applicable to fruit farm, forest, plantation, nurseries, gardens and other trim broken branches, thinning branches crushed; easy job because it also applies to parks, schools, enterprises and institutions of broken branches, leaves, bark crushed; can also be applied to the base material crushed mushroom and racetrack venues coverings situ crushing and so on.
It is safe, reliable, practical, high crushing efficiency, good effect, much users. , Chips purposes: one covering the bare soil to prevent dust, purify the air. 2, a good organic fertilizer, can improve soil, potting soil .3. Increasing organic fertilizer to increase the filler flower potting soil freshwater fish feed four herbivorous animal feed, mushroom cultivation base.


FOB Price: US$810
Minimum Order: 1
Port: Ningbo port
Payment Terms:

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