Basic Information

English name:Grape seed P.E

Latin nameVitis Vinifera L.

Use parts::grape seed

Plant origin: xinjiang, shaanxi

Product properties: red brown powder, micro, astringent taste

Active ingredients::procyanidins, polyphenols

Rules: polyphenols 80%; Procyanidins were 95%, 98%

Detection: UV

Pharmacological action

1. Grape seed extract is the main active ingredient of procyanidins low molecular weight, it is a powerful antioxidant, a kind of effective free radical in addition agent;

2. Is the natural sunshine cover, can resist uv ;

3. Procyanidins to repair injured collagen and elastic fiber, have convergent effect, tighten the skin, prevent skin wrinkles appear early, long-term use can make skin smooth, Full of flexibility, have beauty to raise colour effect;

4. Can reduce heart disease, cancer, premature aging, arthritis, high blood pressure, alzheimer's, the degenerative eye spots and risk the onset of symptoms such as cataracts. 

Test index

 Drying loss: 5% Max

   Ash content :5%Max

 Heavy  metal: 10ppm Max

   Arsenic(As): 1ppm Max 


(Total bacteria amount):1000CFU/g Max

(Yeast & Mold amount ):100CFU/g Max

(E.Coli): Nil

(Salmonella) : Nil

Packing and storage

1. The outer packing cardboard barrels

2. 25kg/fiber can as the outer packing or packed according to client’s requirement.

3. Stored in a dry and shady place, avoid sunlight and high temperature.


FOB Price: $19.9/kg
Minimum Order: 1kg
Port: qingdao
Payment Terms: T/T

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