Basic Information

English name:blackcurrantP.E

Latin Name:ribesnigrum

Dominant sector:Anthocyanidins 
Extract the source:Blackcurrant fruit 
Appearance:purple powde 

Detection method:UV 
Ingredients: contain delphinidin (delphinidin), cornflower element - 3 - rue glucoside (Cy - 3 - rut), delphinium element - 3 - rue glucoside (dp - 3 - rut), cornflower element - 3 - glucoside (Cy - 3 - glu) and delphinium - 3 - glucoside (dp - 3 - glu)
nature:purple liquid or powder, soluble in water.
Sourcewith saxifrage secco grossulariaceae belong to irrigation blackcurrantRibesnigrum) of pomace as raw material, use of modern biotechnology to extract natural colorants.

Attending functions

Rich in vitamins and amino acids and minerals necessary for human, can reduce serum cholesterol, prevent cerebral arteriosclerosis; Can delay the aging body, improve body immunity; Can block the formation of nitrosamines, anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect.

USES: can be used for soft drinks, fruit wine, sparkling wine glass, blackcurrant wine, acidic beverage such as carbonated drinks, can also be used for jam, ice lolly, ice cream and cake and other food coloring. as aubergine colorant


(Total bacteria amount):1000CFU/g Max

(Yeast & Mold amount ):100CFU/g Max

(E.Coli): Nil

(Salmonella) : Nil

Packing and storage

1. The outer packing cardboard barrels

2. 25kg/fiber can as the outer packing or packed according to client’s requirement.

3. Stored in a dry and shady place, avoid sunlight and high temperature.


FOB Price: $96/kg
Minimum Order: 1kg
Port: qingdao
Payment Terms: T/T

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