Basic information

【English name】:Mulberry P.E

【Latin Name】:Fructus Mori

【main specifications】:Anthocyanidins 5%-25%UV    

【Appearance】:Deep purple powder

【source】:From morus plants mature characterized by sorting, crushing, filtering. Filter residue after solvent extraction, merger and residue filtrate extracts, the refined, concentrated and finished products. If then through vacuum drying and spray drying powder products.

【part used】:fruit


 (Total bacteria amount):1000CFU/g Max

 (Yeast & Mold amount )100CFU/g Max

 (E.Coli) Nil

 (Salmonella) Nil

Applied range

Filling oneself liver kidney, nourishing blood, runchang purge. Can also accelerate the skin regeneration ability, white spot, make skin soft and elastic.

1. Suitable for natural edible red pigment, food industry applies to partial acid food.

2. The cosmetics industry is suitable for such as lipstick, shampoo, rouge color or complementary color.

3. The pharmaceutical industry: instead of chemical synthetic pigment production colored tablets.

Packing and storage

1. The outer packing cardboard barrels

2. 25kg/fiber can as the outer packing or packed according to client’s requirement.

3. Stored in a dry and shady place, avoid sunlight and high temperature.


FOB Price: $101/kg
Minimum Order: 1kg
Port: qingdao
Payment Terms: T/T

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