High-performance DPS the fourth generation servo system gimbal

This product, is based on our latest the fourth generation servo control platform products. The platform consists of a staggering 200 m of high performance DSP and auto level driver, control part as code "honeycomb" super underlying application architecture, the architecture uses the sensor motor vector control strategy and adaptive inertia control algorithm, and calculated in advance irregular position of motor rotor, not only played a maximum efficiency of the CPU, and makes posture band wide reach 1.8KHz,very amazing. Posture algorithm adopts the adaptive kalman filtering algorithm, fast response, strong anti-jamming capability. The platform, carries our highest glory, and the best servo system in the world.

The motor, compared with the sparkle of the servo platform is not a halfpenny the worse. More than one hundred times test, it is what we invested heavily, on the basis of the next generation of sine wave ac motor, has incomparable torque stability than other dc motor. With our fourth generation platform, we can see its vibration characteristic curve, the dynamic stability precision curve is very smooth. In actual use, your picture will not be a glimmer of jitter.

The frame uses a specially developed high strength injection and POM and polycarbonate composites formula, which retained the toughness of POM, and have sufficient hardness to keep the frame rigidity as a whole. Has produced 142 g of extreme light weight! Loss of smaller, more efficient.

Fourth generation platform also provides users with a lot of external interface, independent ICU interface control module, contains a separate analog video output interface, and four independent pulse width of input channel, It can be in any time including flight mode switching, roll, pitch, the independent regulation. Firmware upgrade on products is conducted by USB interface also allows users to upgrade.


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