200 channel voice pcm multiplexer

 Brief Introduction

    PT-50T  200 channel voice pcm multiplexer equipment adopts 9U(with fan) or 5U (without fan) high standard 19" rack. It supports multiple analog and data access, and fiber/electronic integration
    PT-50T 5256 PCM  MUX fiber optical equipment can connectwith other transmission equipment through its optical interface or standard E1interface. It can realize point to point communication and point tomulti-points communications by E1 or optical interface; and it can execute D/I(drop/inset) function through its own 240 E1 cross connection matrix; and it can have online test functions including remote channel circuit test and 2 wire subscriber line tests.



















Main Features
1 System capacity  The maximum system capacity of 64Kbps interfaces are 240, and the maximum access capacity of E1 interface is also 240.
2  Access Interfaces  Supports different types of user services: 64Kbps co-directional and N×64Kbps synchronous data interface, 10/100M Ethernet interface, RS232 and RS485 asynchronous data interface, FXO, FXS, Hotline, Magneto, Carrier wave magneto interface and 2/4-wire E&M interface, etc.
3 Powerful Net Management System   The NMS can set all operating parameters, it can measure receiving/transmitting level of the analogue interfaces and the accurate parameters of external lines, which can make it easy and convenient to do the maintenance;
4  D/I  The equipment can be set as D/I equipment, whichmakes it very flexible to drop or insert channels.
5  transmitting interfaces E1 interface, PDH optical interface,SDH optical interface, TDM over IP interface, HDSL interface and PON interface,etc.;
6  cross connection  The cross connection matrix is 8192*8192;
7 2 NMS ports  ETH NMS port and RS232 port;
8 power  can be 220VAC or -48VDC or 220VAC +-48VDC.
9  update The equipment can update the firmware and software remotely


  Technical Specification
* ETH interface conforms to IEEE 802.3i related recommendations, supports 10/100M self-adaptive, half/full duplex self-adaptive
* E1 interface accords with ITU-T G.703 recommendations, the impedance is 75Ω and 120Ω, adopts IDC connector;
* NMS information can be transmitted through free bytes in the transmission port, and the local equipment can be cascaded throughETH or RS232 NMS port;
* Power consumption: less than 360W;

Typical applications







 photel company2




FOB Price: 500-10000usd
Minimum Order: 1
Port: shang hai or shen zhen
Payment Terms: T/T

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