-Natural extract:100% plant extract
-various contents:30%
-top quality
-competitive price

-premium service 

It is invigorative, tonic and anti-rheumatism. It stimulates the production of androgen (sexual) hormones with no found effect on estrogen. It has been applied to men suffering from impotence and low sperm count. And has been consumed by women who suffer from a decreased sexual motivation. A tonic of this plant is said to warm the body for both men and women.


1. Improve health, anti-spasm, known for healing properties.
2. Treatment of skin diseases (such as eczema, burns, ulcers, psoriasis),
3. Treatment of respiratory discomfort (such as asthma, bronchitis, intermittent cough)
4. Anti-cancer activity and prevention of prostate disease.
5. Most valuable of its estrogen-like effect and alleviate breast pain suffering. Red clover isoflavones play in a weak estrogen, estrogen reduces the number and thus alleviate the suffering.
6. Maintain bone mineral density in postmenopausal wome.


Package: 5kg/Cardboard Drum or according to your request.


Storage: tore in cool & dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat.


FOB Price: USD 1~200 / Kilogram
Minimum Order: 1kg
Port: Shanghai/Tianjin Port
Payment Terms: L/C T/T Western Union

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