L-Alanine Molecular formula:C3H7NO2            Molecular weight:89.09 CAS NO.:56-41-7 Description: White crystal or crystalline powder with special sweet taste, easily dissolves in water.,sparingly soluble in ethanol,and insoluble in ether. Specification: AJI97  FCCV  USP30       Items Standard Assay 98.5%-101.0% Specific Rotation[a]D20 +14.3°-+15.2° pH 5.5-7.0 Transmittance min.98.0% Loss on Drying max0.20% Residue on Ignition max0.10% Heavy Metals[Pb] max10ppm Chloride[Cl-] max0.02% Iron[Fe] max10ppm Arsenic[As] max1ppm Sulfate[SO42-] max0.02% Ammonium Salt[NH4+] max0.02% Other Amino acids Conforms


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