AAC plant 1.Air turnover cutting machine 2.New wall material machine 3.Very good Future prospect 4.Sand or Fly ash aac block Key Specifications Raw material: Fly ash(or Sand), cement, lime, gypsum, aluminum powder paste, etc. The autoclaved aerated concrete block can be produced with different technologies according to differences in quality and category. 4. Product specification(general specification) Length: 600mm Height: 200mm; 250mm; 300mm Width: 60mm; 120mm; 180mm; 240mm(increased gradually by 60) 50mm; 75mm; 100mm; 125mm; 150mm (increased gradually by 25) 5. Quality standard: in conformity with GB/T11968-1997 Standard 6. Production technology: According to raw material's category, quality and technological characteristics of main equipments, etc, different technologies can be adopted to produce aerated concrete block. Generally, fly ash or silica sand is grinded into slurry with water, and then mixed with lime powder, proper cement, gypsum and aluminum powder paste and finally filled into mould. After maintaining, foaming and solidifying, blocks or plank of different specifications will be cut out and conveyed by trolley into autoclave. Under the high temperature and saturated steaming curing, celluar and light-weight aerated concrete products will be formed. The steps are as follows: (1) The raw materials such as lime, cement, gypsum, sand(or fly ash), etc are stored in silo(tank) for use after treatment. (2) Aluminum powder or aluminum paste is stored for use after treatment. (3) Raw material is measured by electrical scale with certain proportion. After measured, aluminum powder and water are fe


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