The ZB-1E disintegration tester is specifically designed for testing the disintegration time threshold of tablets, capsules,pills and other solid dosage medications. The main technical indicators complies with USP,BP, JP requirements and specifications about disintegration test. Key Specifications Features 1. Two hanging baskets, disintegration test may be controlled separately. 2. Default settings of temperature is 37℃, it can be reset by operator at any time. 3. Instrument set automatically preset time of 15 minutes, it can be also resetted. 4. Hanging basket stop at top position when preset time is up, easy to take baskets and beakers out. 5. Accurate and even temperature in water bath 6. Possessing automatic protection functionin in both temperature correction and temperature Limit alarm. Specification 1. Timing Range: ≤10 hour Display resolution is minute 2. Predetermined Temperature Range: 5.0 (or room temperature)to 40.0℃ Display resolution is 0.1℃ 3. Accuracy of Temperature Control: ±0.5℃ 4. Basket lifting frequency: 30~32 stroke/min 5. Basket lifting amplitude: 55mm±1mm 6. Minimal Distance Between Mesh and Beaker Bottom : 25mm±2mm 7. Mesh Aperture: 2mm or 0.425mm (1mm optional) 8. Dimension: 400mm x 400mm x 530mm


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