PT-60 serial MSTP Integrated Transmission Equipmentinclude PT-60_864, PT-60_364, PT-60_816, PT-60_316, PT-60_104 types.

• Conforms to ITU-T SDH relative standards and technicalspecifications;

•  Flexible configuration design, the same equipment can be set as TMor ADM mode;

•  Full time slot cross-connection function, it has powerful convenientD/I service function;

• PT-60_864, PT-60_364 equipment can be configured as STM-1/4, STM-16or STM-64 SDH equipment; PT-60_816, PT-60_316 equipment can be configured asSTM-1/4, STM-16 SDH equipment, PT-60_104 can be configured as STM-1/4 SDHequipment, it is easy to upgrade and flexible to build up network;

• PT-60_816, PT-60_316 equipment can provide the services that areless than 2M, including FXO, FXS, Hotline, Magneto, 2/4W audio, RS232, RS485,V.35, 64K G.703 co-directional interface, C37.94 interface, etc. 

• Provide multiple types of service interfaces, enjoys highcost-effective;

• Supports uniform NMS, it has perfect NMS system, can build updifferent type of networks: chain network, ring network, multi-ring network,etc.;

• Provide multiple service protection mode;

• Has multi-functional EOW phone system;

• Excellent EMC performance;

• ●维护使用方便,可靠性高。Convenient to use and maintain, easy to use and high reliability.


FOB Price: 100000
Minimum Order: 1
Port: shanghai
Payment Terms: one week

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