Yalong YL-381F Type Transparent Hydraulic System Integrated Training Equipment



Yalong YL-218-F-type transparent hydraulic system integrated training equipment is a visible hydraulic experimental platform, designed for learning and mastering the internal structure and the working principles of various hydraulic components in hydraulic teaching courses. Each transparent hydraulic component is designed according to the actual internal structure of industrial hydraulic component, which reflects the principle of structure and working principle of the industrial hydraulic component. All of hydraulic components of the device are made of imported transparent acrylic material, with high transparency, not yellowing, with small size, and light weight, etc. The characteristic of the transparency can be used for teaching and explaining the structure and working principle and performance of individual hydraulic component. They can also be combined into arbitrary basic loop for observing the actions of valve core in the loop and flow directions of liquid in the valve, meeting the course teaching for different hydraulic experiments and different students. Combining PLC and hydraulic in the system, it can be used for experimental teaching of automatic hydraulic control.


Technical parameters of the equipment

1, power supply: three-phase five-wire AC 380 V ± 7% 50 Hz;

2, size: 1560×650×1800 (mm) (length × width × height);

3, the size of the computer desk: 600 × 530 × 1000 (mm) (length × width × height);

4, the apparent power of machine consumption: ≤ 2 kVA;


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai
Payment Terms: L/C T/T

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