Super Potassium Fulvate Shiny Flake

1) Specification

Appearance: black shiny flake

Water-solubility: 100%

Humic acid (dry base): 60%-65%, 65%-70%, 70%-75%

Fulvic Acid (dry base): 15%-20%
Potassium content (K2O): 8%-10%, 10%-12, 12%-14%
PH: 9-11

2) Package: 25kg /PP.woven bag or 25kg/ paper bag with inner plastic lining

3) Application

1)Chelates macro and micro nutritions and make them more efficient for plant utilization

Increases the ability of anti-waterlog and anti-diseases;

Stimulates plant micro bioactivity;

As slow release fertilizer, it improves the utility of chemical fertilizer and pesticide;
Enhances nutrition absorption, promotes germination and growth of the plants;
Accelerates precipitation and decomposition, improves soil structure.
2) Can be applied in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, waste water treatment, environmental protection, ceramic additive, dye and leather industry.


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