Fulvic AcidPowder Fertilizer 45%

1) Specification

Appearance: brown yellow powder

Water Soluble (dry basis): 100%

Fulvic Acid (dry basis): 45% min

Total N: 10% min

Total P2O5: 4% min

Total K2O: 16% min

Amino Acid (on dry basis):8% min

Moisture: 15% max

PH value: 5.0-6.5

Trace elements: Ca, Mg, S, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn, Mo

2) Packing: 10KG, 25kg /PP. woven bag or Kraft paper bag with inner plastic lining

3) Application In Agriculture

This product can be used as water flush fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, organic fertilizer, drought-resistant agent etc...

4) Effect

1) This product has vey good effect on Anti Drought, Cold and Disease

It can increase activity of enzymes, protect permeability of plant cell membrane, decrease leaf surface transpiration rate and increase water-retaining capacity of soil. So it has an obvious effect on resistance of drought, cold, diseases and increasing production.

2) Generally Stimulate and Regulate Plant Growth

Our fulvic acid powder contains only fulvic acid, but also rich in NPK, trace elements and other required nutrients. It can supply necessary elements in plant growth whole process.

3) High Chelating and Complexing Capability, increase absorption of trace elements.

4) It has very good water solubility and buffering effect, no flocculation and deposition.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1000kg
Port: Dalian port
Payment Terms:

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