This important aspect of the quality control process in managing your supply chain is outside our realm of expertise (inspections and audits). This is why, since our founding, we have partnered with a handful of selected laboratories that share our vision of service: reliability, flexibility and competitive pricing.

Of course, our laboratories have the proper registrations and authorizations in the Asian markets that we work in, so their testing and certification services and reports are globally respected.


Why use AQF for product testing?*

  • Save time & worries: let us manage the whole process for you: price quotation, sample sending, payment in local currency, lead time etc.
  • Save money: with us, you receive a 20 to 30% discount on standard prices and recieve your invoice in USD.
  • Receive quick and reliable feedback: quotations in max 2 working days and testing reports are issued usually within 5 working days.
  • We only charge you $75 per testing project.
  • We randomly select samples from your factory and also ensure the mass production complies with existing regulations.




How do I book product testing with AQF?

  • Be an existing client of AQF.
  • Log on and book your Lab testing with your extensive product description and specifications, along with illustrative pictures and all information related to your order.
  • Once you have recieved and approved our quotation, we will arrange the testing for you. (Note: You may alternatively contact your account manager first for quotation, but the above method is quicker and more efficient.)

Since there are hundreds of potential tests that could be done, some are mandatory while others are suggested and regulations are not the same per country and evolve quickly, this service is a tailor made service.

Find here a list of common tests.


Objectives of Laboratory Testing:

  • Ensure your products meet your requirements.
  • Ensure that pre-defined standards & requirements are properly established and followed.
  • Ensure the products you put on the market comply with local regulations and standards.
  • Avoid rejection of your products by customs & authorities in your country.
  • Protect your image, users and clients by performing the proper safety tests.


FOB Price:
Minimum Order: 1
Payment Terms:

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