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The main purpose of market analysis is to study the potential sales of goods, develop potential markets, arrange the distribution of goods between regions, and the regional market share of business goods. Through market analysis, we can better understand the proportion of commodity supply and demand in the market, take the correct business strategy to meet the needs of the market and improve the economic efficiency of business . Market analysis is the basis for enterprises to correctly develop the marketing strategy and to implement the marketing strategy plan.

Market analysis can help companies find market opportunities and create conditions for the development of the business. If you want to open up your business in a new market, u need to know the market needs and also the business competitors in the market.All these should use analysis data. Tradesparq can help all of you to make a better market analysis.


Tradesparq is the world’s largest B2B supply chain community for international trade. We’re the best in the world at helping everyone from small importers to large multinationals to find, connect with, and verify potential trade partners.


It has 26 countries import data which can help you efficiently find all the real buyers, analyze market prospects, monitor competitors, timely and clearly know the whole market situation, evaluating business performances


The following is the simple market analysis for plywood (data source :Tradesparq data time period 2017.01-2017.09)




From the Chart , we can know Korea is the most largest import country among the world then followed by united states and Japan. IF we want to develop the new market, we can start from Korea then United states.



From the Bar Chart, we can know Qingdao customs is the most export port for plywood, which can help u to located your suppliers.

But how can we find the suppliers.

Using tradesparq’s import data, it can help u to find the suitable and reliable suppliers

First , use your product name or HS code to search, then search, you can get a list of exporters.

Be our paid member, you can check their transactions to choose who can be your partners.


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Chinese new step in UK



A recent UK survey of more than 1,000 parents of minors shows that British parents prefer children to learn Chinese in languages ​​expect for Indo-European languages. More than half of the parents believe that learning Chinese not only help children to the future development but also open up the children’s vision as well as get in touch with diverse culture.

Because of the geographical location, the most commonly used language of the British contact for the Indo-European language. Many schools in the UK, French is a required language course, and German and Spanish courses are also common. But in recent years, learning Chinese has become a new trend, many British parents believe that Chinese is the Indo-European language outside the most important language, enough to affect the child’s future.

The former British Prime Minister David Cameron has called on British children, “Do not learn French again, to learn Chinese.” Cameron quoted former South African President Mandela as saying, “If you use a person to understand the language and you will speak into his mind; if you speak to him in his language, you will walk into his heart.

To reinforce his message the prime minister quoted Nelson Mandela, who said learning someone else’s language is the best way to their heart. Cameron said: “I want Britain linked up to the world’s fast-growing economies. And that includes our young people learning the languages to seal tomorrow’s business deals.

University of London promoted Chinese teaching project last September in the UK. The project is planned to train at least 5,000 fluent British young people in 2020. Children participating in the study will have an average of 8 hours of Chinese classes per week, of which 4 hours are at school. Compared to the current only 1 to 2 hours a week, the second foreign language learning courses has been significantly improved the learning time.

The BBC also introduced free online Chinese courses, taught from the most basic tones, with clear real-life pronunciation and vivid situational teaching. It can master all Chinese greetings in a short time without paying. In addition, the UK currently has set up Confucius Institutes to provide Chinese teaching courses, which facilitates the British people to understand China more.

The bright future of BRICS


“Trade volume between China and BRICS countries increased 26 percent year on year to hit $167.07 billion during the January-July period,” MOC spokesperson Gao Feng said at a press briefing.

China’s trade with BRICS countries experienced fast growth in the first seven months, which shows great Vigor and vitality of the trade.

“Near the end of July, accounting to official data, China’s non-financial outbound direct investment (ODI) to BRICS countries had reached $870 million”, Gao said :“ China’s non-financial ODI dropped 44.3 percent year on year to $57.2 billion in the first seven months of 2017.”

“There is huge investment potential among BRICS countries,” said Gao.

According to Gao, BRICS members are expected to reach agreements during the upcoming summit, which will be held in China’s southeastern coastal city of Xiamen from Sept 3 to 5. The issues will focus on trade promotion, investment facilitation, economic and technological cooperation as well as the multilateral trading system.

Will RMB continue to appreciate?


This year, with the improvement of China’s economic situation, as well as the comparative advantage of the international environment, China’s foreign exchange reserves continues increased momentum. By the end of July 2017, China’s foreign exchange reserves reached 3080.7 billion which kind of data appears to be good situation. However, when analyze market trends and economic situation we carefully get that China’s foreign exchange reserves growth and exchange rate changes are directly related to the results of corporate progress, especially with the appreciation of the RMB closely. RMB appreciation to reduce the flow of hot money to attract foreign investment appears to be good, but the appreciation of the RMB under the trend of market dynamics and potential economic pressures cannot be ignored at the same time.


Expected future appreciation of the RMB is limited

At present, the appreciation of the RMB is still subject to the dollar. No matter the market and expected appreciation and depreciation of the RMB is still subject the dollar as the main line. As other dominant currencies do not support the depreciation of the dollar demand, the appreciation of the RMB is the reason of international currency tactical transfer.

It expected before the third quarter and even before the end of the year RMB will still have a devaluation stage, to accelerate the devaluation and even break the probability of 7 still which cannot be ruled out. Because of the price rose and the technical adjustment law becoming quick and unpredictable, the irrational resistance of the market technology and the cycle rule still exist, but the variation of the excess liquidity environment.

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When mobike expand to global

Since mobike has been blowing a shared wind in China from 2016, sharing, seems to have begun to be stationed in people’s minds.

At the same time, “shared cycling” also popular in the UK with rave reviews



It is much convenient to the public since they launched in the UK. People prefer the privileges like lower price and easy to find. This kind of transportation also ease the city congestion. Everyone likes to surf their own riding photos in the social software and riding experience. The benefits of doing so is not only to enhance the use of everyone which is definite green, but also to promote the further exchanges between friends.



Because of the various benefits, netizen in London show much interest to mobike when mobike first come to Manchester.


Create in China is not just Mobike, oversea users had made a suggestion to use mobile payment to replace credit card. A Germany online celebrity Fuk who has been in China for nearly ten years found that the whole city use mobile payment in Hangzhou and wrote to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, hope that Germans can learn from Chinese. He said that “Chinese friends have been learning German industry 4.0, it is time for the Germans to learn something from China.”

In fact, China’s influence on the world is no longer the silk and tea as thousands years ago, nor is Panda, computer. Some people say it is Laoganma, Wechat or power bank, but this is not all.

Do not underestimate your daily accustomed things, such as high-speed rail, mobile payment , Bicycle-sharing, online shopping, which are “four inventions” all other countries dream of bring back to their country.

China’s continuous development, transition from Made in China to Create in China,all this will let the world see our strength.

China-Russia relations are unshakable



(The piture is from the Internet)

“Beijing’s special relationship with Moscow will continue to develop no matter what happens in the rest of the world”, President Xi Jinping said on Last Tuesday during his sixth trip to Russia as China’s top leader.

“China and Russia have always backed each other on issues related to each other’s core interests”, Xi said, “Our two countries have also maintained close and effective coordination on regional and global issues.”

With the joint efforts of both sides, the two countries have made great progress in the exchanges between economy and trade, military, science and technology, and Putin has played a constructive role in international affairs.

The trade between Russia and China has been steadily developing, the following figure shows the Russian imports to our air conditioning situation, from which you can find the trading volume is more than 300 every month.    This is quite stable.


(The Table is from tradesparq)

President Xi is going to extend visit to more countries. As for more information, please wait and see.

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Win-Win Cooperation —Tradesparq Help you to open the market of BRICS


President Xi Jinping met with foreign ministers from Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa in Beijing recently. ‘Let your voices be heard’, president Xi called for ministers from emerging nations to push forward with international orders in a fairer and reasonable direction. The BRICS cooperation mechanism has existed for 10 years and we will have the new golden decade.

China is the rotating chair country of the BRICS group this year. The BRICS summit will be held in the coastal city of Xiamen, Fujian province, on Sept 3 to 5.

Xi called on the BRICS members to carry out the spirit of win-win cooperation, continue to focus on development and firmly adhere to the multilateralism principle and basic norms for international relations.


“The BRICS cooperation mechanism has existed for 10 years, and I don’t think the color of the BRICS has faded. We will have the new golden decade, and we should have such expectations and confidence,” he said.

In addition to political and economic cooperation, the BRICS countries will spare no efforts to enhance the international influence of developing countries, while at the same time advising the future reform of the United Nations to make it more efficient and representative.

In order to strengthen the BRICS countries’ cooperation in the United Nations and other multilateral institutions, and strengthen the linkages between States and countries, they pledged to meet regularly through permanent representatives in New York, Geneva and Vienna. The implementation of the Paris agreement is also one of the hot spots to discuss at the same time for the future climate change issue.

Zong ze Ruan, executive vice-president of the China Institute of International Studies, said BRICS cooperation has the vitality and potential to promote global economic growth and has contributed more than half the world’s GDP.

AS the growth trade development among China and BRICS’ Countries, Tradesparq will offer you more convenient service in international trade. We have the import data of Brazil, India, Russia and China. If any interest, pls contact us.


What is the impact of Qatar on the economy since its diplomatic relations were cut by several countries?


Since Qatar support terrorism ‘s interference in the internal affairs of all countries, now Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Maldives have broken their relations with Qatar. And the customs clearance brought off, the cancellation of flights, the national credit crisis brought by Qatar diplomatic relations be cut may make Qatar and neighboring countries suffer the loss of billions of dollars.

From geographical position, Saudi Arabia is the only country bordering the land of Qatar. According to the report of BBC, the port of the two countries at the junction is the only land import channel of food, which accounts for about 40% of the food supply. Saudi Arabia has recently closed the channel, this approach will cause Qatar inflation, and also increase the life crisis of residents


At the same time, Qatar is going to hold the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The facilities including a new port, a medical service area, a subway line and eight venues are under construction. Part of the cement and steel and other important materials by land transport are necessary. The closure of land ports will lead to higher building materials prices and finally delays engineering.

In addition to land transport blocked, the aviation industry will suffer huge losses. Internationally known Qatar Airways daily flights from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Cairo dozens of flights will face a ground flight.


Shortly before the relationship break, one of the rating agency Moody’s has just lowered Qatar’s rating to Aa3 because of the uncertainty surrounding the economic growth model. After Qatar diplomatic relations be cut, the Bloomberg data shows that Qatar’s credit default risk increase for the day the largest in the world. According to Reuters, Saudi Arabia has announced that it is necessary to launch legal proceedings to appeal to friendly countries and multinational companies as soon as possible to take the same measures toward Qatar. It is apparently that Qatar’s foreign trade will face enormous challenges in the future for a long time!

Therefore, not only should foreign traders follow the Ramadan of the middle eastern countries such as Qatar but also notice to the diplomatic situation in the Middle East timely. This will greatly prevent additional losses!

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