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Marine Nozzles spray nozzles - nozzles - fuel nozzles - bosch nozzles - delphi nozzles

Marine Nozzles Spray Nozzles

0086 -595-85720302

Marine Nozzles ALLEN VBCS - HL130T35H418P6 - 7H0.35X130spray nozzles - nozzles - fuel nozzles - bosch nozzles - delphi nozzles

Fuel Systems

Marine NozzlesSULZER S-20 - 12X275X160 spray nozzles - nozzles - fuel nozzles - bosch nozzles - delphi nozzles

Fuel Systems

Marine NozzleYALCO 251 - DL157TM8216 - 157X9X0.35spray nozzles - nozzles - fuel nozzles - bosch nozzles - delphi nozzles

Fuel Systems

automatic fuel nozzle pdf DLLA146P154/0 433 171 137 Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzle

Automatic Fuel Nozzle Pdf

automatic fuel nozzle pdf DLLA146P154/0 433 171 137 Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzle
Car Make:Volvo
Engine Type:Diesel

automatic fuel nozzle DLLA146P166/0 433 171 149 Diesel Fuel Injector Nozzle

Auto Fuel Injector

cat 3406b fuel nozzles DLLA156P1107/0 433 171 712 Common Rail Nozzle

Auto Fuel Injector

auto spray nozzles DLLA153P884 audi fuel nozzle 093400-8840

Auto Fuel Injector

China-lutong Factory

Diesel Nozzle 093400-5500 / DLLA160P50 P Type Fuel Injector Nozzle For Auto Fuel System

Diesel Nozzle 093400-550

Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Parts

Fuel Nozzle 5621599 / DLL150S6556 Lucas Cav Nozzles Diesel Injection Nozzle

Fuel Systems

Diesel Nozzle 0 434 250 898 / DN0SD304 DN-SD Type Fuel Nozzle For Pump Spare Parts

Fuel Systems

Diesel Nozzle 093400-5571 / DN4PD57 DN-PD Type Fuel Nozzle For Pump Spare Parts Manufacturer

Fuel Systems

广交会摊位服务 - 嗨i,问一下18年春季的广交会有计划参加么?我们可以提供展位,价格优惠,超多好位任您选择。13119540216 (微信同号)欢迎来电咨询

IWP157 Fuel Injector Fiat Palio RST 1.8L 8V,Car Fuel Injectors Magneti Marelli 501.027.02,Fuel System Nozzle Gas Injector

IWP157 Fuel Injector Fiat

1.Magneti Marelli IWP157 Fuel Injector Gas
2.Fiat Palio Fuel Injectors 501.027.02
3.Brand New aftermarket replacement

Fuel Injector For VW Jetta 06A906031AS,037906031AL VW Golf Fuel injectors For Sale,Siemens Fuel Injector 06A906031BT

Fuel Systems

Manual Fuel Gun Nozzle for Fuel Filling

Manual Fuel Gun Nozzle For

Technical Data:
-Inlet: 3/4"
-Flow rate: 60 L/Min
-Pressure: 0.20 Mpa

Large Flow Type Automatic Fuel Dispenser Nozzle

Fuel Systems

Ethanol-Tolerant Automatic Fuel Nozzle for Gasoline

Fuel Systems

Manual Fuel Filling Nozzle With Large Flow

Fuel Systems

Fast and direct - I got in touch with Wendy Lin from Zhejiang Shengxing Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. And inquired about the New Design Automatic Fuel Nozzle for my client. She replied the following day and answered all of my concerns in complete detail.

I recommend them for they have years of experience exporting the said products in Europe, Mid-East, America, and Asia and also because of their excellent customer service. Furthermore, they are very competitive when it comes to pricing and the payment term is easy to bear with.
By Toto Ly - Nov 24, 2014 - More...
Potential Partner - I'm looking for an alternative supplier so I sent an inquiry to Wendy Lin about their company's Manual fuel filling nozzle. I was surprised to receive a response from her just a day after sending the inquiry, which was very timely. She was able to answer all of my questions in detail and even offered to send sample products. Our transaction did not push through, but here's what I can say about her company:

Service: Wendy replied immediately and was able to address all of my concerns.
Pricing: A little lower compared to the other suppliers that I worked with.
Payment terms: Flexible enough.

I would be willing to work with Wendy Lin in the future and I would consider Zhejiang Shengxing Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. on my list of potential suppliers.
By Jason Vasquez - Nov 18, 2014 - More...

fuel nozzle P series DSLA nozzle DSLA136P1482

Fuel Nozzle P Series DSLA

DSLA136P1482 nozzle
1.Good quality and reasonable price
2.Big stock and quick delivery
3.Grade A

fuel nozzle P series DSLA nozzle DSLA134P772

Auto Fuel Injector

fuel nozzle P series DSLA nozzle DSLA134P816

Auto Fuel Injector

fuel nozzle P series DSLA nozzle DSLA134P819

Auto Fuel Injector

Linda Chiao
Linda Chiao

20 Products Liaocheng, China (Mainland)

Diesel Fuel Spray Nozzles-Injector Nozzle Assembly OEM Dsla145p975

Diesel Fuel Spray Nozzles

Diesel Fuel Spray Nozzles-injector nozzle assembly OEM Dsla145p975
China Lutong Parts Plant, is a professional OEM & aftermarket parts

Common Rail Diesel Engine Injector Nozzle - Bosch Fuel Injection Nozzles 0 433 175 163 DSLA156P736

Fuel Systems

Diesel Engine Nozzles for Toyota Denso Nozzle Oem 093400-5310 DN0PD31

Fuel Systems

Diesel Fuel Elements-Diesel Fuel Pump Plunger OEM 129506-51100/M5

Fuel Systems

fuel injector nozzle DLLA158P834 common rail nozzle

Fuel Injector Nozzle DLLA

China Balin Parts Plant has the biggest
factory of automotive production in Putian,Fujianprovince,China.
We are specialized in fuel

BASCOLIN type Nozzle DSLA145P593 Fuel Injector

Engine Mounts

Fuel Injector Nozzle DN0PDN113 NISSAN DIESEL

Engine Mounts

Fuel Injector nozzle DLL160S6394 S type

Engine Mounts

No reply - I contacted Vivian Lin and inquired about their company's DENSO injector nozzle but I wasn't able to receive any responses from her.
By Seth Min - Dec 16, 2014 - More...

DLLA154PN007 Fuel Injection system auto engine fuel nozzle

DLLA154PN007 Fuel Injection

Body Material: Steel
Certification: ISO9001, TS16949
Cylinder: Multi-cylinder

wholesale Caterpillar Fuel Injector Nozzle 8N8796

Fuel Systems

bosch diesel fuel injector nozzle 0433271376 for RUTHEMEYER

Fuel Systems

denso diesel nozzle tip catalogue for fuel engine

Fuel Systems

KCM-SK100 A/K112Z Fuel nozzle 1 nozzle, 1 oil product,1 flow meter,2 displays

KCM-SK100 A/K112Z Fuel

1 nozzle, 1 oil product,1 flow meter,2 displays,
Fuel nozzle,Gasoline fuel dispenser
KCM-SK100 A/K112Z Fuel nozzle
1 nozzle, 1 oil product, 1 flow meter, 2 displays, with

KCM-SK100 B112F one nozzle petrol fuel pump

Fuel Systems

Common type KCM-SK200 B222Z Fuel nozzle

Fuel Systems

KCM-SK100 B112Z Fuel dispensing nozzle

Fuel Systems

Jessica Jia
Jessica Jia

33 Products Shenzhen, China (Mainland)

Repair Kits, Fuel Injector Nozzle, Diesel Element, Plunger, Pencil Nozzle

Repair Kits, Fuel Injector

Contact: Linda Wu
hungter2 at hungter com
Hungter Machinery Development Co., Ltd established in 1990s which located in China Southeast

Diesel Plunger, Element, Head Rotor, Fuel Injector Nozzle, Delivery Valve

Valve parts

Fuel Injection Nozzle DN0PDN112 for MITSUBISHI 4D56Diesel Engine Fuel System

Fuel Injection Nozzle DN0PDN

Fuel Injection Nozzle DN0PDN112 for MITSUBISHI 4D56Diesel Engine Fuel System
Nozzle DN0PDN11

Diesel Nozzle DLL140S56F Fuel Nozzle 0 433 271 266 Type S For Fiat Fuel Injection Pump Parts

Fuel Systems

Hot Sale New Injector 0 445 120 081 Match Nozzle DLLA151P1656 For FAW Fuel Pump Parts

Fuel Systems

High Performance Diesel Ve Pump Drive Shaft 1 466 100 405 For Fuel Injector Nozzle Drive Shaft Pump Parts

Fuel Systems

New 2014 Fuel Trigger Nozzle,Fuel Gun

New 2014 Fuel Trigger Nozzle

Automatic Nozzles are made of alloy aluminum.small,trim,light weight ,easy and convenient to use
New 2014 Fuel Trigger Nozzle

Top-Selling Fuel Oil Nozzle,Fuel Gun

Auto Fuel Injector

2014 Best Type Oil Dispensing Nozzle,Fuel Gun

Gun cases

Judy Wong
Judy Wong

5 Connections 20 Products WenZhou, China (Mainland)

Bosch Nozzle Repair Kit DLLA154PN007 Engine Parts Nozzle 105017-0070 for MAZDA fuel Engine System

Bosch Nozzle Repair Kit DLLA

Bosch Nozzle Repair Kit DLLA154PN007 Engine Parts Nozzle 105017-0070 for MAZDA fuel Engine System

bosch nozzle tip DLLA158SN869 SN Type Diesel Nozzle 105015-8690 For Isuzu Fuel Engine System

Fuel Systems

bosch nozzles injector 093400-2002 Fuel injector Nozzle DLLA150SND200 for Automobile engine parts from China Supplior

Fuel Systems

bosch nozzle part number DLLA166S374NP6 Diesel Nozzle 105015-2780 For NISSAN Engine PD6

Fuel Systems

Common Rail Nozzle for BMW M57-Bosch Diesel Fuel Nozzle OEM DLLA145P926/0433171616

Common Rail Nozzle For BMW M

Established since 1982, China Lutong Diesel Parts Plant is a manufacturer specialist in diesel fuel injection parts & components.We have been

Cr Injector Nozzles for Cummins-Bosch Diesel Fuel Nozzle OEM Dsla128p1510

Auto Fuel Injector

Common Rail Injector Nozzle for Renault- Delphi Diesel Fuel Nozzle L120pbd

Auto Fuel Injector

bosch diesel fuel injector nozzle DLLA148P2222 fits for injector 0 445 120 266 apply to engine WEICHAI WP12

Auto Fuel Injector

Marelli boquilla fuel nozzle/fuel injectors IWP066 for fiat palio (OEM 501.015.02)

Marelli Boquilla Fuel Nozzle

Packaging : Neutral packing or According to customer's request
Delivery Detail: Within 20 days after receipt of deposit

Made in china fuel injector nozzle IWP115 for VW Palio

Auto Fuel Injector

China manufacture fuel injectors nozzle IWP052 for KIA

Auto Fuel Injector

Alan Cheng
Alan Cheng

1 Connection 14 Products Wenzhou, China (Mainland)

Bosch Diesel Injector fuel nozzle

Bosch Diesel Injector Fuel

Win Diesel common rail nozzle
Our Quality Principle--We test before we sell.
It's another smart choice for your CR

Fuel Injector Nozzle For Sale

Auto Fuel Injector

Fuel Injector/Injection Nozzle INP-780 For Mitsubishi

Fuel Injector/Injection

1.Fuel Injector/Injection Nozzle INP-780
2.quality guarantee,original package.
3.trial order is accepted.
Fuel Injector

Hot sale Fuel Injectors/nozzle for TOYOTA OEM 23250-21020

Fuel Systems

High Performance Fuel Injector Nozzle 96620255 For DAEWOO

Fuel Systems

Fuel Injector/Nozzle for MAZDA 626/PROTEGE INP781/ INP-781

Fuel Systems

sarah zong
sarah zong

2 Connections 13 Products guangzhou, China (Mainland)

High Quality Of Fuel Nozzle DLLA150P848

High Quality Of Fuel Nozzle

1.High Quality Of Fuel Nozzle DLLA150P848
2.Low price
3,Fast delivery
4,Made in China
High Quality Of Fuel Nozzle

High Quality Of Fuel Nozzle DLLA150P960

Fuel Systems

High Quality Of Fuel Nozzle DLLA150P596

Fuel Systems

High Quality Of Fuel Nozzle DLLA150P552

Fuel Systems

Junjie Wang
Junjie Wang

3 Connections 15 Products Beijing, China (Mainland)

Bosch Fuel Injector 0280158020 Nozzle Injection Auto Parts

Bosch Fuel Injector

Delivery time:15-65 days after confirming the order
Payment term: payment before shippment
we are the only one factory that can give OEMs

Auto Parts Fuel Injector Nozzles For Kia/ Hyundai 9260930010

Auto Fuel Injector

Bosch Fuel Injector 0280158017 Nozzle

Auto Fuel Injector

Marelli Iwp127  Fuel Injector

Auto Fuel Injector

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