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Ксантогенат калия изобутиловый (натрия )

Ксантогенат Калия


ксантогенат  амиловый


food grade phosphoric acid 85%

Food Grade Phosphoric Acid

Molecular Formula: H3PO4
Molecular Weight: 97.99
UN.NO: 1805

potassium fluorosilicate


magnesium fluorosilicate


aluminum hydroxide(ATH)


cosmetic glass bottle frosting powder

Cosmetic Glass Bottle

This powder is specially designed for cosmetic glass bottles,the frosted surface is exquisitely fine and smooth to the touch.

water-based frosting powder

Inorganic Acid

Low reflection glass frosting powder

Other Inorganic

Finger-Printing Free Glass Frosting Powder

Inorganic Acid

eco-friendly material TPU wildly use for iphone case,blank case,hose,seal

Eco-friendly Material TPU

We provide different kinds of TPU with different usage.Our TPU are widely used in safety shoe sole,shoe accessories,over molding,compounding

cellulose acetate


neoprene rubber

Other Inorganic

Wine Glass Bottle Frosting Machine

Wine Glass Bottle Frosting

1.Simple operation and high automation.
2.Large production capacity.
3.Superior frosting quality.

Ordinary Glass Frosting Powder

Inorganic Acid

Comestic Glass Bottle Frosting Machine

Glass Processing

ST-103C New Frosting Powder for Electronic touch screen glass

Inorganic Acid

Nickel Acetate Supplier In China 6018-89-9

Nickel Acetate Supplier In

Name: Nickel Acetate Supplier In China 6018-89-9
MF: Ni(CH3COO)2.4H2O

Nickel sulphate hexahydrate 98%min


98% basic chromium sulphate

Leather Chemicals

Frank Young
Frank Young

11 Products Shanghai, China

Aluminium potassium sulfate pure natural

Aluminium Potassium Sulfate

Name Aluminium potassium sulfate dodecahydrate
Synonyms Potassium alum
Formula AlK.(SO4)2.12(H2O)
CAS No. 7784-24-9

China  Supplier Triclosan

Other Organic

Lower price Calcium carbide 50-80MM /CaC2 for welding,hot sale chemicals

Other Inorganic

Diammonium Phosphate(DAP)

Diammonium Phosphate(DAP)

Molecular Formula (NH4)2HPO4
CAS Number 7783-28-0
Relative molecular mass 13

Mono-Ammonium Phosphate(MAP)


Monopotassium Phosphate(MKP)


Sodium Hexametaphosphate(SHMP)


TPU High Waterproof & Breathable Film

TPU High Waterproof

Excellent waterproof
performance, for our products to provide a wider range of applications.

Channey Cai
Channey Cai

6 Products Jinjiang, China, Fujian

Sodium Perchlorate Monohydrate

Sodium Perchlorate

Molecular formula

Sodium Perchlorate Anhydrous


Potassium Perchlorate


Ammonium Perchlorate


iron oxide yellow

Iron Oxide Yellow

Iron Oxide Yellow 313

iron oxide black

Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide Orange

Iron Oxide

iron oxide red

Iron Oxide


4 Connections 6 Products Shi jia zhuang, china

3,4-Dihydro-7-hydroxy-2(1H)-quinolinone, Aripiprazole Intermediate, CAS NO.22246-18-0


Description:White or pale white Crystalline Powder
Water content ≤0.5%

Ceftriaxone sodium USP ex GMP

Antibiotic and


Antibiotic and

Antioxidant YS-1010

Antioxidant YS-1010

<img src="

Dylan Shui
Dylan Shui

1 Product Shanghai, China

Vinyl Acetate Monomer

Vinyl Acetate Monomer

CAS NO : 108-05-4
EC NO : 203-545-4
Molecular Formula : C4H6O2
Main Specifications : VAM, GAS method or ethlene method
Synonyms : Acetic acid vinyl ester;ethenyl

Acetic Anhydride


Ethyl Acetate

Other Organic

langyuan chen
langyuan chen

6 Products Shanghai, China

Tianyu company

high quality Calcium chloride 94%-98% pellets

High Quality Calcium

一、Products Description
1. Classification: chloride
2. Type: Calcium chloride

high quality Cacl2 powder 94%-98%


Calcium chloride 74%-77% flakes for snow melting


Calcium chloride 94%-98% pellets


No Response - I was not able to receive any response from Ellen.
By Vicky Tran - Dec 19, 2014 - More...
Did not answer - I sent an inquiry to Ellen but she wasn't able to respond.
By Jacob Taylor - Nov 21, 2014 - More...

94%98% pellet prills powder calcium chloride

94%98% Pellet Prills Powder

1.We produce Calcium Chloride in good quality and low price with ISO certificate.
(1) Purity:94%95%98%

2-ethylanthraquinone for Hydrogen Peroxide


Cas No. 84-51-5 2-EAQ manufacturer

Acrylic Adhesives

calcium chloride


A little bit late - I got in touch with Bruce Zhou the Sales Manager of Weifang Menjie Chemical CO.,LTD to inquire about their waste water treatment chemicals. He responded a little bit late but courteously apologized because he was on a business trip. Surprisingly he was able to answer most of my questions in detail and even offered discounts for bulk orders. Our transaction did not push through, but here's what I can say about his company:

Service: Bruce Zhou replied a little bit late but was able to address most of my concerns.
Pricing: A bit lower compared to the other suppliers that I worked with.
Payment terms: Flexible.
By Pia Lim - Nov 19, 2014 - More...

Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) Rutile R-888 for pigment

Titanium Dioxide(TiO

Rutile Type Titanium Dioxide R888,is made through the sulfuric acid process; white powder, non-toxic, stable chemical pro
titanium dioxide Special

Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) Rutile for painting

Titanium Dioxide

Chemical Fiber Grade 1966 Titanium Dioxide Anatase


Titanium Dioxide(TiO2) Rutile for paint

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide Anatase low Niobium (TiO2 low Nb CAS No: 13463-67-7)

Titanium Dioxide Anatase Low

TITANIUM DIOXIDE Enamel Grade , Low Niobium
TiO2 98.5% min.
S  0.05% max.

Titanium Dioxide Anatase (TiO2 for Paints CAS No: 13463-67-7)

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide Anatase enamel grade (TiO2 CAS No: 13463-67-7)

Titanium Dioxide

Possible Supplier - I sent an inquiry to Jack Zheng because of my interest in importing their company’s Titanium Dioxide Anatase low Niobium for one of my clients. I received a response from Jack 2 days after I sent the inquiry. He answered all my questions in detailed. In terms of pricing, their product is one of the cheapest that I could find and quality seems to be ok. Delivery would only take them 7- 15 days which is pretty fast. In addition their product has ISO certification which is good to know.

Jack is well-knowledgeable of their product and pretty easy to comprehend with. I would rate his English 7 out of 10. His email address was also provided so he can provide a more accurate quotation.
Although we ended up not working with Guangzhou Chemicals Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd. I would like to praise their customer service and hope to have a good partnership in the future.
By Vicky Sy - Dec 10, 2014 - More...
Good service - I recently contacted Jack Zheng and inquired about their Titanium dioxide Anatase enamel grade (TiO2 CAS No: 13463-67-7). I received a quick response from him and he was able to address most of my concerns. All of his answers are in detail. Their pricing is competitive enough. Lead time is pretty fast.
He endorsed the payment term that I’m asking for to their financial department, but it’s unfortunate that they did not agree. The good thing is that they can offer me a discount as a new customer.

Jack sent me a follow up message so he can be updated with my decision.

Our transaction may not push through, but I highly recommend this company because of a good customer service that they have.
By Mel Cortez - Nov 5, 2014 - More...

Refractory and Abrasive Materials Brown fused alumina

Refractory And Abrasive

Brown Fused Corundum is made from Calcined Bauxite. It is hard and
tough material, used in manufacturing of grinding wheels (both vitrified

refractory material fused mullite


fused magnesium alumina spinel

Magnesium Oxide

white fused alumina for refractory castable


Brtiney chen
Brtiney chen

5 Connections 6 Products 郑州Zhengzhou, 中国China

Bulk Best Price Equilin / CAS No.: 474-86-2

Bulk Best Price Equilin

Bulk Best Price Equilin / CAS No.: 474-86-2
Product name: Bulk Best price Equilin
CAS No.: 474-86-2
Type: Endocrine System

Pregnenolone Acetate (CAS 1778-02-5)


Estrogen Drugs Nilestriol For Female treatment Cas no.: 39791-20-3


99% Flumazenil   CAS:78755-81-4


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