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Aluminum Height Adjustable Underarm/Axillary Crutch

Aluminum Height Adjustable

Aluminum Height Adjustable Underarm/Axillary Crutch
Manufactured with sturdy

Aluminum Height Adjustable Underarm/Axillary Crutch


Self-standing Foldable Walking Stick with LED-light

Walking sticks

Aluminum Folding Adjustable Height Walking cane/stick with ABS handle

Walking sticks

1 - which country you export before ?
By allen jie - Dec 10, 2016 - More...

Dental laboratory Cutters & Burs -Wilson

Dental Laboratory Cutters

Dental lab cutter (3/32inch shank, 0.8mm-8.0mm cut dia)
Made from solid tungsten carbide rods (one piece

Dental Laboratory Cutters / Burs

Dental equipment

Dental laboratory Bur / Cutter

Dental equipment

Dental laboratory Cutters & Burs -Wilson

Dental equipment

pharmaceutical packing material aluminum foil printed

Pharmaceutical Packing

pharmaceutical packing material aluminum foil printed
pharmaceutical aluminum foil

3layer Aluminium-Plasticblister Film 130 Micron(unprinted)


Cold formed aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packing

Aluminum foils

Tropical Aluminum Blister Foil


product - quality very good,service good
By Andy Gao - Aug 3, 2016 - More...
product - quality very good,service good
By Andy Gao - Aug 3, 2016 - More...

Reusable Cold/Hot Pack for waist belly leg feet

Reusable Cold/Hot Pack For

1. Cold and Hot dual-use
2. Special compound fabric wrapped bag makes you feel comfortable
3. Special fixing straps designed easy

Reusable Cold/Hot Pack for head face arm hand

Hot and cold packs

Reusable Cold/Hot Pack for shoulder and back

Hot and cold packs

Guaranteed quality product certifications - One of my clients is looking for a supplier of Latex free cotton-nonwoven cohesive elastic bandage so I contacted Mr. Lu from Qingdao Fullcare Trading Co., Ltd. to inquire about it. Surprisingly, he replied immediately addressing all of my concerns. I easily understood his response to my questions because he communicates pretty well.

Mr. Lu provided the prices of each of the said product according to its sizes. The payment term is quite flexible and would be more flexible on the following transactions. It is also nice to know that their products have quality certifications, yet they still accept product inspection by 3rd parties if customer will request.

We ended up not working with Qingdao Fullcare Trading Co., Ltd., but I would still recommend them to my clients who will be needing their products.
By Prima Chan - Jan 6, 2015 - More...
Modified Supplier - I recently sent an inquiry to Mr. Lu regarding their company’s Reusable Instant Cold Pack. He responded immediately after sending the inquiry and gladly he was able to answer most my questions in a precise manner.
Pricing is practical and discounts will be given if I order in bulk although payment terms are a little bit stiff.

In addition, he asked me specific questions so he can provide a more accurate quotation. I also found out that their product is ISO approved that seemed well than other suppliers.

I’m still waiting for responses from other suppliers where I also sent inquiries but I would consider Qingdao Fullcare Trading Co. Ltd.
By Pia Lim - Nov 12, 2014 - More...

Medical Absorbable PLOYGLACTINE 910 Surgical Suture

Medical Absorbable

Medical Use Surgical Suture
Surgical suture:
Polyglycolic Acid(PGA)

hello - make a friend
By - Jan 4, 2016 - More...
Good Customer Service - I got in touch with Miss May to inquire about their company’s infrared Ear Thermometer. I was surprised to receive a response from her few days after I sent the inquiry which was very prompt. She answered my inquiry in a detailed and professional manner. Shipping and payment terms are pretty flexible. The company also provides samples.
By Seth Min - Dec 16, 2014 - More...

 Medical supply double-head LED shadowless operating light

Medical Supply Double-head

Adopted advanced patent technology, achieve depth of illumination, color temperature and color indication index of harmony and unity.

FL520 NEW Medical supply single-arm OT light led surgery light

Hospital equipment

 Shadowless Led Operation Lamp

Hospital equipment

CE, ISO Quantity 3-function electric medical bed with ABS bed head for hospital

Hospital equipment

Mirror Tien
Mirror Tien

12 Connections 5 Products shanghai(上海), China(中国)

Deantal X Ray Film Positioning X-ray Film Locator

Deantal X Ray Film

X ray Film Locator film positioning system/Dental X Ray Sensor Locator/Film Positioner

Impression material mixing gun(1:1,1:2/1:4,1:10) dental dispenser

Oral irrigators

Disposable 3-way Syringe Tip

Dental brushes

Handpiece Cleaning and Lubrication Machine

Dental equipment

Юра Li
Юра Li

32 Connections 35 Products Dongguan, Guangdong, China

FD-4 chinese medical device manufacturers electric gynecological operating theatre table prices

FD-4 Chinese Medical Device

Product Description
FD-4 chinese medical device manufacturers electric gynecological operating theatre table prices

Wendy Ding
Wendy Ding

73 Connections 11 Products shanghai(上海), China(中国)

Metal Tubing of Ultrasonic Scalpel Device

Metal Tubing Of Ultrasonic

Tube of Ultrasonic Scalpel device
Sand blasting

China stainless steel medical cannula tubing frame of endoscope

Medical diagnostic

China OEM Metal Steel Sensor Closed End Capped Tube


Stainless Steel Burr-free Flaring and Sealing Tube

Stainless Steel Burr-free

Sinowares is a OEM manufacturer of 15-year dedicated to micro metal tubes and medical instruments who come from China.The mainly material of the

Disposable Puncture&Injection Needle

Ears, eyes, nose

Stainless Steel Adjustable Needle for Medical

Syringes & needles

Stainless Steel Double Sampling Needle

Syringes & needles

Wholesale High Quality Freezer Durable Gel Ice Pack

Wholesale High Quality

Wholesale High Quality Freezer Durable Gel Ice Pack

Wholesale High Quality Can Beer Cold Ice Box With Low Cost

Hot and cold packs

Customized Liquid Beer Cooler Cover Wine Cooler

Wine coolers

Cool gel pillow / ice pillow / cold pack


Super absorbent bedsheet

Super Absorbent Bedsheet

Ultrasonic perforated surface and
center absorbent layer make it ultra absorb moisture, and always keep
surface dry and to provide

hypodermic needle cannula for filler

Hypodermic Needle Cannula

Shenzhen Sinowares is a
professional OEM manufaturer for micro small metal tubes and tube
assembly products. The smallest tube

Disposable bone marrow aspiration needle

Syringes & needles

Aluminum Folding electric wheelchair JRWD602

Aluminum Folding Electric

Model: JRWD602
Driving range: 15-20km (depending on user weight and road condition)
Max speed: 6km/h

Folding electric wheelchair JRWD501


Economic steel electric wheelchair


Foldable Electric wheelchair


Caitlin Zou
Caitlin Zou

9 Products Shanghai, China

IQF Organic Strawberry

IQF Organic Strawberry

This product is prepared from fresh sound organic raw material that is free from all toxic residues and taints. The production flow is: pre


Frozen Vegetables

black garlic

Health supplements

Did not reply - I wasn't able to receive any answers from Black garlic after sending an inquiry a couple of days ago
By Grace Tiu - Dec 10, 2014 - More...
No response - I did not receive any responses after I sent an inquiry
By Sib Dayang - Nov 21, 2014 - More...

(EAB) Elastic Adhesive Bandage

(EAB) Elastic Adhesive

Elastic Adhesive Bandage heavyweight stretch tapes control and reduce post injury edema.





Blood pressure

blood pressure monitor/ arm type

Blood pressure


Blood pressure

Spacer for Aerosol

Spacer For Aerosol

Spacer for Aerosol is used for MDIs, which can help patients get more effective inhalation.

Oxygen Mask

Oxygen masks

colorful AV  Massager For Women Adult G Spot Massager

Colorful AV Massager For

* ABS/ medical grade silicone
*color : yellow, purple, blue, also can be customized.
*10 functions of

AV  Massager For Women Adult G Spot Massager

Sex products

Hot Sales Durable Flexible Artificial Penis For Female

Sex products

2017 New Wand Massager Soft Silicone S*x Toys Vibrator

Sex products

Colored Flexible Finger 1"*5yards Nonwoven Cohesive Bandage

Colored Flexible Finger

Colored Flexible Finger 1"*5yards Nonwoven Cohesive Bandage
1. Non-woven Adhesive Elastic

 Cotton Waterproof Zinc Oxide Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Adhesive bandages

Zigzag Edge Porous Cotton Hot Melt Adhesive Strapping Sport Tape

Adhesive bandages

Waterproof Sport 5cm*5m Kinesiology Tape

Health Product

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